Befuddling Bins: Recycling materials don’t belong in trashcans, part one


These trashcans full of recyclable materials have been photographed and cataloged in less than a semester’s worth of time. It is time to clear the air about recycling and the fact that many students just don’t do it.

Imagine you are still in high school and you’ve decided to visit UConn as a prospective student to see what Storrs and the Huskies are all about. As you make your way around our beautiful campus that was awarded a GreenCircle Sustainability Award last year, you begin to notice confusing sights like these and you start to think differently about the student body.

Although the Office of Environmental Policy has made remarkable strides of sustainable practice in their food systems, water management and campus development, there seems to be a disconnect in the students themselves. This can hurt UConn’s public image, as well as our environment.

Peers have expressed to me that they are often confused by what waste to put where and the availability of recycling bins across campus. In the second part of this special edition, we will be exploring campus waste management. Additionally, we will get an idea of what the OEP has to say about this ugly issue.

Dan Wood is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at

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