Comedian Chelsea Handler gives college students advice on politics and America


Comedian Chelsea Handler spoke to severl college students across the country Thursday during a press conference about politics, her new snow and general advice. (Sunshine Sacs)

Comedian Chelsea Handler spoke to several college students across the country Thursday during a press conference about politics, her new show and general advice.

“I don’t need to speak to him; that’s like talking to a lifesaver,” Chelsea Handler said about talking to President Donald Trump, while crinkling a white candy in her hand. “What’s the point?”

The talk show host is not close-minded, though. She said that she hopes Trump supporters watch her Netflix show “Chelsea,” in which she does not hold back on her intensely negative opinions about Trump. In fact, an upcoming episode in the new season will allow viewers to join Handler on a bowling trip with Trump supporters, where she plans on behaving, because she said she cares about understanding the other side.

Handler emphasized in a press conference with several college students from around the country on Wednesday night that, despite the important issues that she discusses with her guests on “Chelsea,” she is not a journalist, she is a comedian.

“I think comedy is the best way to make fun of things, because you can have serious conversations about stuff and you can also make jokes,” Handler said.

She believes that pretty much anything can be joked about, and often humor can resonate more with people than watching and reading straight news.

“If you look at the current administration in a serious way, it gets scary,” Handler said.

The comedian never attended college, and at 19, although she had high ambitions, Handler was uninformed about what was going on in the political world. She said this was something she regrets.

“Make an effort to spend time with people who aren’t like you,” Handler said. “That’s when you really grow up…the world is so much bigger than you think it is.”

She thinks that not getting involved is “lame,” and the political climate of today is too serious for people to not care. Handler said that college students should be involved in local governments and organizations, because that is where big changes can be made.

A couple of students pointed out the importance of Handler’s support for the LGBTQ + community to them.

“I think right now especially, it’s really important to stick up for Muslims, minorities, the LGBT community…anybody whose rights are at risk,” she said. “You have to really stick your neck out for them. I want to defend those people. I want people to know that they can count on me for that kind of stuff.”

Handler is also a feminist and advocate for women. To college women who face misogyny, she said, “You do not tolerate it at all.”

“Chelsea” has featured many feminists, including Gloria Steinem, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer, who Handler pointed out as some of the most influential feminists she has interviewed.

Despite the serious topics that Handler covers on “Chelsea,” she chose Netflix in part so that she could have the freedom to swear and not pretend that she avoids drugs.

She doesn’t want to be restrained in any way, like she was on her previous talk show “Chelsea Lately,” where topics and words were limited.

Chelsea is more herself on “Chelsea”.

“You don’t have to ever really grow up; you can be an adult and still be immature,” she said when asked what college students should take away from the show.

“You don’t have to get married, you don’t have to have kids, you don’t have to do any of those things unless you really, really want to.”

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