Bob Saget: A comedy show full of raunchy humor “everywhere you look”


Bob Saget performed part of his new comedy routine on Friday, April 21. Jorgensen Theatre is packed and anticipating the Full House Dad to show up on stage. (Jon Sammis/The Daily Campus)

American stand-up comedian, actor and television host, Bob Saget, pulled in a “Full House” at the Jorgensen Center as UConn’s Spring Weekend guest comedian on Friday night, hosted by SUBOG.

In the minutes leading up to Saget’s appearance, audience members anxiously anticipated the show chanting his name and excitedly applauding. Bob Saget was introduced by 2017 SUBOG UComedy winner, Zachary Maloof, who welcomed him to the stage with the first of many “Full House” references.

As Saget entered the stage, Jorgensen’s audience immediately erupted in applause and screams.

He started his show with remarks relating to his memories on “Full House,” and the new Netflix series, “Fuller House.”  His first darker joke of the night began with his anticipation of a series called “Fullest House,” in which, according to Saget, “would be just me on an urn in a window.”

What was to follow was about two hours of raunchy jokes that, despite the content, kept the crowd engaged. Many of the jokes received positive responses from the audience, evoking almost a constant stream of laughter throughout his set. In general, his set was successful comedy; however, some jokes went too far, and the response was noticed by the obvious lack of response in the crowd.

“He was pretty funny.  It was obvious he was trying to make people laugh, even if it was over the line,” eighth-semester communications major Sarah Kelly said.

Saget started his show with remarks relating to his memories on “Full House,” and the new Netflix series, “Fuller House.” (Jon Sammis/The Daily Campus)

After having been asked to be an audience member’s step-father at the beginning of the show, Saget ran with this joke and welcomed the student to the stage. Contrasting from much of the show, the student sat beside Saget while Saget “fathered” him, getting to know him and inspiring him to do what he loved.

Toward the end of the show, Saget brought out his acoustic guitar and did a small set of parody songs.  The set began with a song called “My Dog Licked My Balls,” and followed with a country tune “A Buttplug Made of Leather.”  

Both songs got the audiences warmed up for his closing performance, and biggest hit of the night, “Danny Tanner Was Not Gay.” This song was written to the tune of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. This major throwback had the entire audience members both singing and clapping along.

Saget’s comedy career continues to thrive as a response to the world around us. As he said during his show, he turns on the news everyday and is discouraged about what is happening in the world, saying “We really need comedy right now, we need to laugh together.”

“I heard he was raunchy, but I didn’t expect that level,” second-semester mechanical engineering major Patrick Lapenna said.  “He was great with the crowd and on his feet with responding to the their interactions.”

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