Evan Peters brings goofy personality to Spring Weekend


Actor Evan Peters entertains students at Jorgensen Theather on Saturday, April 22, during Spring Weekend. Peters is most known for his roles in the popular television series American Horror Story. (Akshara Thejaswi/The Daily Campus)

Actor Evan Peters, known for his role on “American Horror Story,” visited the University of Connecticut on Saturday, April 22. He answered questions from students with a goofy and  light-hearted attitude.

While it was billed as a lecture by hosts SUBOG, the event was in a question-and-answer format.

Peters didn’t touch many controversial or deep subjects. During a word-association game, the word “government” came up. Peters groaned, making the audience laugh, then hesitated before saying “bureaucrat.”

Peters took the opportunity to provide some laughs for the audience with his quirky and relatable personality. Peters seems like the type of actor you could have a beer and goof around with, not too caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle and mindset, despite being on a wildly popular television show.

Peters was conversational and humorous through most of the event, a contrast from the dark and troubled characters he usually portrays on “American Horror Story.”

Two audience members who asked questions were visibly nervous upon getting a chance to talk to Peters. When they had trouble asking their questions, Peters applauded them and encouraged the audience to do the same.

Peters was asked how it felt to be in critically acclaimed films.

“Have I been in critically acclaimed films? I didn’t know I was in any critically acclaimed films,” Peters said, before having an “a-ha” moment and acknowledging his role as Quicksilver in the “X-Men” movies.

When asked what a hidden talent was, Peters immediately grabbed his leg and attempted to fit it behind his head, causing a laughing fit among the audience.

Peters talked about “American Horror Story” several times. He stayed tight-lipped about the show’s upcoming season, but did say he was excited for fans to see his new character.

When asked what a hidden talent was, Peters immediately grabbed his leg and attempted to fit it behind his head, causing a laughing fit among the audience. (Akshara Thejaswi/The Daily Campus)

“I’m very excited about my role this year. It’s a very, very challenging role and very different from anything that I’ve played,” Peters said.

Peters also praised his talented and seasoned co-stars like Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange.

“They’re all amazing. They’re all legends so I have learned a lot,” Peters said.

Peters also gave advice to students looking to become involved with television, film or acting.

“Keep learning new things. Keep reading books. Keep reading plays and seeing new things and constantly trying to grow,” Peters said, encouraging young actors to come up with their own unique techniques.

Peters said he’s looking to break into directing himself, joking that he likes telling people what to do.

As for advice to his younger self, Peters said he would tell himself to “be yourself.”

Toward the end of his visit, Peters yelled out “UConn!” Instinctually, students yelled back “Huskies!” as part of the school’s chant. Peters, a little taken back but amused, asked, “Can you guys do that again?” and took out his phone to film the audience.

In his attempt to lead the chant Peters, understandably messed up a few times. An audience member at the microphone walked him through it. By the last time, Peters got the UConn Huskies chant right and with that, thanked the audience for coming out and walked off stage to applause.  

Schae Beaudoin is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at schae.beaudoin@uconn.edu.

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