Summer style to get you through the heat


For the last Daily Campus fashion column of the year, here are some tips to get you through the upcoming summer heat. (Unsplash/Creative Commons)

This is my last column of the year, which means summer is upon us. With the weather changing what feels like every 15 minutes, the influx of articles (including my own) suggesting seasonal outfits seems never-ending. So in the spirit of things, I am listing off some of the trendiest and most-wearable articles of clothing and accessories to get you through the next four months.

Slides: These shoes come in literally every shape and color. There are closed-toed versions, sandals and even bejeweled footwear. The possibilities are endless and that means the opportunity for new ways to wear them are as well. I lived in my slides last summer; once you break in a pair you won’t turn back.

Whimsical prints: While I typically avoid pattern, the printed trends heading into the summer will still make it into my wardrobe. The scribble prints and tiny, repetitive objects make for unique and original pieces that you can wear all summer. Not to mention, the light and cheeky patterns exude a feminine quality that monochromatic pieces seem to lack.

See-through glasses: Not totally sure how this trend rose into popularity but nonetheless it prevails. This eyewear serves as more of an accessory than a functioning pair of sunglasses protecting you from the sun’s rays. Good news is, this means you can wear them all day as opposed to just when you’re outside.

(Steven Walling/Creative Commons)

Denim-wear other than jeans: I’m talking denim shoes, bags, jackets… the list goes on. If you can think it, odds are they are making it in denim nowadays. The best part about this trend is that it will keep through the fall as well. So even if you’re retiring your one-piece for the season, you can keep your patched-up hat while the leaves turn red.

Slips and silk tops: OK, I get it, I’ve written about silk in maybe every article I’ve ever written but this time I really, really mean it: It will save you from the summer heat and is so flattering. A mid-length slip dress with an off-the-shoulder jacket will add another layer of texture and compensate for those early-summer chilly nights.

Statement earrings: The heat means something you’re wearing will probably stick to you. Sliding your watch up and down your wrist will become an impossible task and leave you feeling swollen and sweaty. To avoid this, forget the arm candy and incorporate some statement earrings in your fashion routine. Wearing your hair in a bun will keep you cool and show off whatever ear-art you’re sporting that day.

(Notafish/Creative Commons)

Wraps: This is an early and late summer suggestion; disregard for the middle part. In the evenings when it cools down, you’re going to want something to drape over your shoulders. Insert: the wrap. I suggest buying a neutral tone so it pairs with every outfit but if you’re feeling adventurous then go for the statement.

Linen pants: I bought my linen pants years ago and often wonder what I wore every year prior. They are the perfect weight for battling the summer heat and are versatile for dressy and casual occasions. Go for a pair in white or off-white so you can really get into the spirit of the season.

To close, thank you for reading this semester. Publishing my Just Being Devine column every week has been oodles of fun and I truly appreciate every comment, repost and “like.” Here’s to next year. Cheers!

Jacqueline Devine is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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