10 hits for your summer playlist


Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the need for new, upbeat tunes to play on the way to the beach. Summer is the best season for music discovery and appreciation, so enjoy a compiled list of 10 songs that ooze summer vibes.

“Rearview” by Bad Suns

Just listening to the beat of this song creates images of crop tops and Vans on boardwalks at dusk in California. Native to California, Bad Suns’ music perfectly embodies the carefree mood of summer. Combining both the celebratory and introspective aspects of summer, “Rearview” sheds light on the changes summer can bring with a killer beat.

“Summer Friends” by Chance The Rapper

You know those friends that were only around when school let out? Those are what we call “summer friends.” Chance captures the beauty and sadness in those friends that only hang around when the season is right. With detailed imagery depicting his childhood summers in Chi-Town, this song will remind you of what it feels like to be completely carefree, during that time when you thought summer would never end.

“American Money” by Borns

Ever heard of Borns? Probably not, but he offers the whimsical vibe you did not know you needed. With lines like, “We can run away/Swimming in the sunlight every day/Paradise in your eyes/Green like American money,” this song is perfect for indie road trips and will fulfill your music festival desires.

“Rollercoaster” by Bleachers

Bleachers, featuring of Jack Antonoff (guitarist from the band Fun.), is an alternative group that creates feel-good songs with meaning. This whole album is full of tunes emulating 1980s icons, and the lyrics are full of Insta-worthy captions.

“Nights” by Frank Ocean

After the release of his long awaited and much-anticipated latest album, “Blonde,” Frank Ocean took the scene by storm and produced hit after hit. “Nights” is a great song to play while you sit and contemplate life. With a strong beat and ultra-personal lyrics, Frank Ocean lets you into his mind and offers a glimpse at the people and thoughts that bedevil the artist.

“She’s American” by The 1975

Detailing the stereotypes Brits bear towards Americans, this song packs a punch. Laugh, cry, do whatever you feel the lyrics require. The 1975 manages to masterly place profound and occasionally melancholy meanings into incredibly upbeat songs. With lines like, “Don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl,” this song sparks introspection with an irresistible beat.

This melodic and reflective song by Ed Sheeran discusses the usual pattern for these summer relationships.(Wikipedia/Creative Commons)

“Sunburn” by Ed Sheeran

Along with summer, sun, ocean and freedom from academia come summer dalliances. While they do not usually last, summer romances are a staple of college and high school years. This melodic and reflective song by Ed Sheeran discusses the usual pattern for these summer relationships.

“Wild Things” by Alessia Cara

Imagine driving down the highway with your sunroof open and windows down, heading to the beach in aviators and a bathing suit. About marching to the beat of your own drum, Alessia Cara encourages individuality and liberation from stereotypes.

“End of the day” by One Direction

One Direction is the band of millennials: you either outwardly fawned over them, or acted as if you found them trite and fangirled in private. So regardless of what you qualified as, it is only fitting that a 1D song appear on this list. One of their more upbeat and frankly funny songs, “End of the Day,” was a natural addition.

“Shining” by Beyoncé, DJ Khaled and JAY Z

“All smiles through all four seasons.” Nothing epitomizes the mood of summer more accurately. Every time the dynamic duo of Beyoncé and JAY Z combines on a track, it is an automatic hit. “Shining” is no exception.

Abby Brone is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at abigail.brone@uconn.edu.

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