Editorial: UConn should give the seniors the send off they deserve


Spring Weekend is the closest thing UConn sneiors have to a “Senior Week.” (Charlotte Lao/The Daily Campus)

As final exams begin to come to a close and the campus begins to empty for the summer, there seems to be a nervous energy lingering around every senior anxiously awaiting commencement weekend. After four long years, the hard work has paid off for those able to don a cap and gown and walk across the stage at graduation. It is finally time to relax.

Unfortunately for many, this is not the case. While some can breathe a sigh of relief that their last assignments have been submitted and their final Scantron sheets have been bubbled in, some spend the time leading up to graduation day anxious not because of the ceremony ahead, but because they still have an exam to complete less than 12 hours before they walk. Graduation should be a time for students to enjoy themselves and look back on all of their accomplishments, not to be inundated with unnecessary stress from exams, which is why UConn must add some amount of break time between the end of finals and commencement.

The majority of universities across the country have a so-called “Senior Week” (or weekend) following the week of final exams. These festivals are not only exclusive to seniors only, but also are aimed at making the final few days of their college experiences memorable. They typically include events like intramural sports tournaments, graduation cap decorating and barbecues or block parties. While not all people may find these events appealing, the inclusion of a Senior Week also allows the graduating class to relax and spend time with their peers, both of which may be difficult after graduation. While not going overboard with festivities, the purpose of these weeks is to allow for a relaxing and memorable goodbye to a large portion of the student body.

While UConn has some events restricted to seniors only, as well as a significant number of activities during Spring Weekend, these are not able to give the same benefit that a break between finals and commencement could provide. UConn has shown that they are dedicated to making the end of each academic year special and relaxing for all students, but it is time to focus specifically on the seniors. They have given their best over the past four years, and it is time UConn do the same for them by implementing a Senior Week.  

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