Last minute bucket list


Sunrise at Horsebarn Hill is a must see at least once before graduation. (File photo)

Your years at the University of Connecticut have flown by, and this weekend might be your last few days on campus. In between decorating your cap, moving out and, of course, commencement, you might be feeling nostalgic about leaving UConn behind. If that’s the case, this bucket list may help you end your time as a UConn student on a high note.

1. Sit by Mirror Lake and people watch: This is one of my favorite activities to do when I have downtime. The scene is always beautiful no matter what time of year. During commencement weekend, happy graduates will be taking photos with family and the friends they have made over the past years. It will be a great goodbye to the scenic campus.

2. Grab a cone at the Dairy Bar: You are not a real UConn student if you haven’t had the Dairy Bar ice cream. This place will be packed this weekend, but if you are craving a sweet dessert it’s really the only suitable place to go during your last weekend at Storrs.

3. Spend time walking the halls of your favorite building: This one is a bit out there. You might want nothing to do with your department or favorite building for a while, but walking the halls one more time in a quiet moment might be the best way to say goodbye. I did it in high school and look back on the memory fondly.

It’s not too late to people watch at Mirror Lake and people watch. (File photo)

4. Take a walk around campus: Take a slow walk around campus without having to rush to class or work. Remember the good times and the bad times, like the time you cracked your phone when you dropped it outside of McMahon, when you realized you got the job while shopping at CVS, and when you realized you failed your first test while studying in the library. Good times.

5. Head to the bar: Your parents might not be wild about this, but what better way to spend your last weekend at UConn than with your friends at the UConn bars. I know a few people who are staying a full week after graduation solely to drink up. It’s now or never, essentially.

6. Watch the sunrise on Horsebarn Hill: After you spend the evening at the bars, stay up a few extra hours and watch the sunrise at one of the most beautiful spots on campus, Horsebarn Hill. I hear it’s breathtaking.

7. Stop and smell the roses: You might as well appreciate the beautiful flower displays that seem to be the most attractive and plentiful during graduation and move-in. Hopefully they smell like success and 4.0s.

8. Rub Jonathan’s nose: The larger than life mascot next to Gampel Pavilion will be swamped before and after the ceremonies, but you might be able to take a picture with UConn’s favorite dog during a less busy time. This is at the top of my personal bucket list because I haven’t done it yet.

Claire Galvin is a senior staff writer for The Daily Campus.   She can be reached via email at

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