Letter to the Editor: It’s not just business, it’s human lives


To the Editor:

I am writing to you today concerning the necessity of compassion within today’s business culture. All too often people involved in commerce and business use “It’s just business” as a shield against popular criticism and, in some cases, their own conscience.

Dear friends of mine are being evicted with only 30 days’ notice from their current home. The property this family was renting was recently sold and the new owner decided to pursue this aggressive schedule because, paraphrasing, “It’s just business…”. This family is doing their best to comply with the eviction but may need to move well away from their community of 12 years to find affordable housing. Does it not matter that this family will be rendered homeless within the next week? It’s just business… Does it not matter that this family will shortly be bereft of their community? It’s just business… Does it not matter that the children will be in an unfamiliar school system next year? It’s. Just. Business.

To close, the pursuit of commerce is all too often used as an excuse for ignoring compassion. I would encourage all readers to use social media to heap deserved praise and scorn upon those that forget this. I am not advocating that the new owner forgoes their right to property; however, there is always room for consideration of others in business, just as in life. It’s Not Just Business, It’s Just Human Lives.


Nathaniel Richter

Mansfield, CT

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