Mansfield Democrats hold caucus to nominate town election candidates


(File photo/The Daily Campus)

(File photo/The Daily Campus)

Mansfield Democrats nominated 21 candidates for town-wide elected office at a caucus held in MansfieldTown Hall on Tuesday evening.

The town office election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

The Mansfield Democratic Town Committee’s Nominating Committee met nine times this spring to interview people who wanted to run for office, according to a press release. The Mansfield Democratic Town Committee then endorsed the 21 candidates in June.

According to the press release, amongst the 21 nominated candidates are 11 who will be new to their sought office if elected in November, 12 women and nine first-time candidates. Seven of the nine first-time candidates are women.

“The adage is true: ‘All politics is local,’ and last year’s presidential election has really motivated people to step forward and get involved in local government. I am pleased that so many women are running for office for the first time. I am confident all of the candidates will work hard to introduce themselves to Mansfield voters and will serve the town well when they are elected,” Ben Shaiken, Mansfield Democratic Town Committee chairman and Town Council member, said.

For Town Council, caucus-goers nominated Terry Berthelot, a new candidate and currently appointed alternate on the Planning and Zoning Commission. They also nominated Peter Kochenburger, Toni Moran, deputy mayor Bill Ryan, Ben Shaiken and mayor Paul Shapiro for re-election.

Caucus attendees nominated new candidates David Litrico, Kelly Zimmermann and Rebecca Aubrey for the Board of Education. Litrico is currently an appointed alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals; Aubrey is currently an appointed Board of Education member, nominated for election to serve out her term.

For the Region 19 Board of Education, caucus-goers nominated new candidate Kimberly Christenson and, for re-election, chairman Jim Mark.

For the Planning and Zoning Commission, caucus attendees nominated Paul Aho, a new candidate and currently elected alternate on the Planning and Zoning Commission. They also nominated Ken Rawn for re-election.

Caucus-goers nominated new candidates Sarah Accorsi and Carlita Cotton for the Planning and Zoning Commission-Alternate. Accorsi is the currently elected Zoning Board of Appeals chairwoman.

For the Zoning Board of Appeals, caucus attendees nominated Alicia Welch for re-election and Sarah Woulfin, a new candidate.

Caucus-goers nominated new candidates Stephanie Barefield and Dan Blanchard for the Zoning Board of Appeals-Alternate.

For the Board of Assessment Appeals, caucus attendees nominated Anne Greineder and Carol Thomas for re-election.

“With only three and a half months until Election Day, Democrats will begin knocking on doors immediately to talk with voters about the important issues facing Mansfield,” the press release read.

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