Editorial: Hartford campus exciting new chapter for UConn


The new UConn downtown Hartford campus opened last Wednesday, following years of construction and planning. The UConn campus in the Hartford region had been in West Hartford since 1970 after being in Hartford proper for 31 years. The new move establishes an urban campus that will surely integrate itself with Connecticut’s capital city in the years to come. The campus will be home to over 2,000 graduate and undergraduate students, as well as 300 full and part-time staff. The move of this campus to downtown Hartford is part of the Next Generation Connecticut initiative, which aims to spur economic growth by investing in STEM education and other initiatives at the University of Connecticut.

One of the important aspects of this move is the tremendous opportunities that will be afforded to students who attend this regional campus. Other regional campuses like Avery Point are certainly unique, but Hartford brings with it all the accessories of a large city and state capitol to boot.

Hartford has an abundance of businesses, allowing students to make connections that will aid them in their career or help pay their tuition by working for a local vendor. The many museums in Hartford are another excellent feature, and it is possible that some classes will even be taught in museums. On a more recreational note, students will be able to take part in the Hartford night life (depending on age of course), attend sports games and engage in numerous activities that won’t even be open to those at the main campus.

As a regional campus, students in the Hartford area do not necessarily have to pay for housing (living at home with the parents may not be flashy, but it does save a few bucks). The Hartford campus will ideally provide a breadth of good opportunities, attracting new talent and hopefully providing a boost to Connecticut as a whole. The new campus should be an excellent resource for all parties involved in the years to come.

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