Malls, Bars, and Restaurants, Oh My!


The CTtransit transportation system connects Storrs to Manchester and downtown Hartford.

As students living in Storrs, we are often limited to weekend trips just around the immediate area of Storrs, which is why I was excited to hear about the CTtransit transportation system connecting Storrs to Manchester and downtown Hartford.

When I heard about the new bus line connecting the Storrs campus to different locations, I didn’t think I would ever use it. It’s free, which is amazing, but I thought the only thing it would really do is bring me closer to home in case my parents didn’t want to drive up to Storrs.

But when I researched a little more about the route, I realized that this bus pass was the key to some weekend fun.

The Buckland Hills Mall is only a short 40-minute ride from campus, leaving the shopping opportunities endless. With a Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle and countless makeup counters, a bus ride here is bound to leave you broke but looking amazing.

Buckland is also home to Maggie McFly’s, so a fun post-shopping dinner is a must if you travel there on the bus line. It is relatively affordable and has a wide selection of menu items.

Maggie McFly’s is personally one of my favorite places to eat in the Buckland Hills area because there is always something for everyone on the menu. Their meals range from lobster rolls to well-made burgers. They also support many local vendors, so you know that you are helping to support local businesses.

If you’re looking to travel a little further, continue along the line to downtown Hartford. There are a ton of interesting bars and restaurants along the route such as the Pigs Eye Pub and Salute.

The Pigs Eye Pub has a friendly, local vibe and is a great place to meet for a relaxing night out. The prices aren’t bad, especially considering most of their drinks are locally made craft beers. They also have a fun patio/pool area for those who don’t drink, so it’s a great place for everyone to go on weekends.

The Salute is more high-end than the Pigs Eye Pub and the prices reflect that, but if you’re looking for a date spot that won’t completely break the bank, this would be a great spot to go. Its Italian dinner options range from about $16 to $35, but it also has a much more affordable lunch menu so it would make a great casual lunch spot.

Both are in the area of the XL Center, so make a trip of it and go see a UConn basketball game after your meal!

If you’re looking for a more intellectual trip out, there are always amazing shows being performed in the Bushnell Performing Arts Center. Within the next couple months both musicals like “Les Misérables” and comedy shows featuring Jay Leno will be held at the Bushnell, so find a group of friends who have also been dying for an interesting night out and grab tickets to the next shows.

Molly Desrochers is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at

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