Construction leads to bus line changes


“[The] change of the several routes were necessary to best serve students while avoiding the road work,” UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said. (Charlotte Lao/The Daily Campus)

Due to the various construction projects taking place across the University of Connecticut’s Storrs campus, the amount of bus lines that will run this semester decreased and some routes changed.

According to UConn Transportation Services , red and yellow lines will not run for this semester’s entirety. In a Daily Digest announcement, Transportation Services also said purple line will not service Depot Campus.

“Our routes have been adjusted to service key stops with shorter wait times (and) purple line will no longer be servicing Depot Campus. Please look out for instructions on how to request a ride to/from the depot,” the announcement said.

Sixth-semester speech language and hearing sciences and sociology major Jazlyn Olavarria said there has been a higher volume of students who take each bus that is available. Students have complained that it has been hard to get on heavily populated buses and the construction has also affected the bus schedule, she added.

“I hate how we only see two to four bus times on the (UConn bus app’s) list and we have to just wait at the stop and pray another bus comes,” Olavarria said. “The buses are always packed when going to Charter (Oak Apartments) and Busby (Suites),” Olavarria said.

Fifth-semester allied health major Shayla Bailey said in addition to the decrease in bus lines, the schedules given under the myUConn app have become unreliable. Many students who attend UConn’s Storrs campus utilize the app’s bus tracker system to make it to class and events on time and for transportation from on-campus and off-campus housing, she said.

“They need to keep the bus times up to date. I’ve had to walk from Northwood Apartments to campus which takes 30 minutes or more, or sometimes I’ve had to pay for an Uber to get to class on time because the bus just wouldn’t show up,” Bailey said. “I recommend that people use the bus tracker system and just track where the bus is on the GPS system because the schedule is never accurate.”

UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said the bus route changes are necessary due to construction.

“[The] change of the several routes were necessary to best serve students while avoiding the road work,” Reitz said.

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