A travelers’ guide to Burlington


The author shares a view of the sunset from Burlington, VT, as well as some useful travel tips for those looking to visit this beautiful city.  (Photo courtesy of Alice Matthews)

The author shares a view of the sunset from Burlington, VT, as well as some useful travel tips for those looking to visit this beautiful city.  (Photo courtesy of Alice Matthews)

Burlington, Vermont, is one of many beautiful places in New England that is only a short drive from UConn. Vermont’s most populous city boasts 360 degree views of the Adirondack and Green Mountains, as well as the beautiful Lake Champlain. Burlington is home to two universities: Champlain University and the University of Vermont.

My sister and some friends go to the University of Vermont, so I always have a place to stay when I come up and visit the city. For those who don’t have a place to stay, there are plenty of beautiful hotels in the heart of the city that overlook the lake. Airbnb is a good option too, for those who might want to save some money for the wide array of shops found on Burlington’s famed Church Street.

Church Street is closed off to cars, so people walk freely up and down the street during all hours of the day. Clothing shops, restaurants and even a mall call Church Street home, solidifying it as the heart of the city. There are often street performances taking place up and down the street and lots of outdoor seating at restaurants when the weather is warm enough. Occasionally, Burlington will host events like the “Festival of Fools” on Church Street. There is also a huge farmers market near Church Street once a week, where people can buy locally sourced food.

Lake Champlain (Photo courtesy of Alice Matthews)

Lake Champlain (Photo courtesy of Alice Matthews)

Burlington’s nightlife has something for everyone. Church Street is lined with bars and restaurants, many of which boast live music. For those over 21, there are several bars, like Nectar’s, that stay open late into the night. On my most recent trip to Burlington, I ate at a restaurant called American Flatbread that specialized in thin crust pizza. After a couple of rounds of drinks and some delicious pizza, my bill was still low enough not to break my budget. For dessert, the place to go is Ben and Jerry’s. Even though the ice cream giant has franchises all over the United States, the first ever Ben and Jerry’s opened in Burlington, making it the perfect place to stop at the end of your night. The only problem with eating in Burlington is that the wait list for restaurants can be outrageously long, so be sure to put your name down somewhere early on in the night.

Perhaps my favorite part of Burlington is Lake Champlain. Wherever you are in the city, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful view of the lake. If you walk down to the waterfront, there is a scenic lakeside path that you can walk along, which is sure to provide you with stunning visuals throughout the day.

For those willing to drive, there are plenty of mountains for hiking and skiing throughout the year. On my last visit, we hiked Mt. Philo. Mt. Philo was a short 30-minute drive from the heart of the city and was a relatively easy mountain that had spectacular visuals from the top. During the winter, ski mountains like Stowe and Smugglers’ Notch are under an hour drive away from Burlington, making it an easy day trip to make from the city.

Lauren Brown is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at lauren.brown@uconn.edu.

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