Melania Trump’s high heels leave the country in upset


President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump walk out to the South Lawn of the White House in Washington to board Marine One helicopter for the short flight to nearby Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017. Trump is traveling to Houston and Lake Charles , Louisiana, to survey the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Just last week, Air Force One touched down in Corpus Christi, Texas delivering our POTUS and FLOTUS to attend a briefing on the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  However, many of the citizens of America decided not to focus on President Trump and his efforts to be involved with the hurricane disaster, and instead took issue with the footwear that Melania Trump had chosen for the occasion.  

The First Lady ascended the steps of Air Force One in a pair of shoes described as, “very high, needle-thin heels” and also as, “spike shoes.”  Not only did the press take time to record what the First Lady was wearing on her feet before the flight for Texas took off, they also felt it necessary to inform the people of America that Melania Trump changed her outfit into something “more grounded,” complete with sneakers and her hair in a ponytail.  

Reporters were not the only people who took offense to the shoes Melania Trump wore, people on Twitter also sent out their opinions on the matter.  While some just openly expressed their disbelief saying, “Melania taking off for Houston on AF1…in stilettos.” Others were more harsh and attacked the First Lady saying that both her and President Trump were “as fake as a $3 bill!”

The media response to this wardrobe decision is a direct attack on Melania Trump and it is comparing her to our previous, beloved First Lady Michelle Obama. In fact, most of the recent news on the Trump administration down in Texas after hurricane Harvey has been comparing the President and First Lady now to the former POTUS and FLOTUS.

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump meet people impacted by Hurricane Harvey during a visit to the NRG Center in Houston, Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

This comparison is petty and ridiculous. This past election caused a huge upset in America. People could not and still cannot believe that our newly elected president is someone like Donald Trump. However, now that he is our president, it is only fair to focus on what he is doing in our country. This doesn’t mean that for every mistake he makes and immature Twitter fight he gets in we should pardon him. It seems as though people are so desperately trying to compare our new president with our old one that they are grasping at straws in the form of commenting on style choices made by the POTUS and FLOTUS.  

So far in his presidency, Donald Trump has done many things that are newsworthy and worth criticizing.  During his visit in Texas after Hurricane Harvey, Trump “hoisted a little girl above his shoulders, got into a scrum with a young boy wielding a plastic sword and pulled on disposable gloves to serve hot dogs. At a church, he called on people to pray and loaded care packages into pickup trucks and minivans.” When he does begin to move in a positive direction, such as visiting Texas after its recent natural disaster, we as citizens of this country should be encouraging this, not reprimanding his wife for not wearing the right outfit, and certainly not for not being an Obama.

Not only does this “news story” about Melania’s footwear choice make every other argument made against Trump less valid, it is also completely sexist to point fingers at her outfit and use it as a point in the argument that the new President and First Lady are not living up to America’s high standards. Many sources have called Trump the “consoler-in-chief” which is unfair. Yes, it is true that in the past, President Trump has not done well in the consolation department unlike our former president, Barack Obama. This, however, is not a reason to go after him or his wife, or family for that matter, and shake our fingers at them for not wearing the proper footwear to attend a briefing on hurricane relief efforts, which I can only assume America thinks is galoshes and a raincoat.

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