Weekly Playlist: From Post Malone to Jessie J, a big week for music


Singer-songwriter The Weeknd performs onstage at the Capital One Arena on Friday, Sept. 15, 2017, in Washington. (Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP)

Youth is on display this week and the 80s are officially back (Also, I saw ”Mother!” this weekend so random exclamation marks might make an appearance).

Shamir – “90’s Kids” and (Spotify)

The first single from Las Vegas native Shamir’s upcoming album “Revelations” was released on Friday, along with its nostalgia-trip of a video. The song, carried by the 22-year-old’s dazzling voice over ballad-style piano chords, is an ode to millennials and the unfair pressures applied to them by older generations. Along with the single on Friday came the ingenious music video, which uses internet memes disguised as pop-ups on an old computer, with the lyrics presented asthe words within the meme. This is the best video I saw this week and I am optimistic about “Revelations,” which is slated for a Nov. 13 release.

Post Malone & 21 Savage – “rockstar” (Spotify)

When interviewed by Billboard, Post Malone described his new album, “Beerbongs & Bentleys,” like so: “It’s a whole project. Also a lifestyle.” I have no idea what that lifestyle entails and I do not think I want to know either, but every time I see a video of Post Malone online, his energy and charisma are infectious. Some people are just made to be famous and Post Malone is one of those people. Post Malone’s personality can fill up a stadium and he dominates this song. The hook of this song is perfect for the voice of the 22-year-old, while 21 Savage is underwhelming trying to replicate the same flow. “rockstar,” like many of Post Malone’s hits, is not quite a party banger, but lives in the middle ground of catchy kickback banger. “Beerbongs & Bentleys” is due out in late November, but I do not think you will have to track this one down.

Jessie J – “Think About That” (Spotify)

The piano in this song is driving me crazy. The moment the beat comes in at the first chorus is the best part of any song this week.

Destroyer – Tinseltown Swimming in Blood (Spotify)

Synth-pop is making a comeback. The 80s are 30 years ago now and that seems a reasonable amount of time for a decade to turn from tacky to retro. There has been a noticeable uptick in the overall popularity and volume of 80s television, film and advertising. Music has been a little late to the party. It is evident in “Stranger Things” that both story and soundtrack have gained traction. S U R V I V E’s synth heavy soundtrack combined with synth-pop from the era created one of the most musically interesting television shows in years. “Tinseltown Swimming in Blood” sounds exactly like the songs of Joy Division, whose song “Atmosphere” appeared in episode four of the show’s first season. Sticking to tradition, this song is a lamentation, with brass and synth notes falling over the subdued vocals of someone who sounds like their pet turtle has just died. The vocals on the song are closer to the first singer of aforementioned band Joy Division, Ian Curtis. Curtis’ downtrodden vocals are closer to Destroyer’s here, as compared to Bernard Sumner, the vocalist of their second iteration New Order. Recommended listening is “White of an Eye” by Patience if you are a fan of this song!

Hippo Campus – “baseball” (Spotify)

This song needs to be in a Mazda commercial and that is in no way a derogatory comment. “baseball” is a bubbly piece of indie-pop that knows who it is, and does not try to do too much.

Bhad Bhabie – “From the D to the A” (Remix)

If someone kept restarting life over and over again, this girl would be famous every single time. There is no stopping her. If you strain out the more over-the-top aspects of today’s media from your worldview, such as Lavar Ball, then let me brief you who this Bhad Bhabie girl is. Bhad Bhabie is the “Catch Me Outside How Bout Dat” Girl. Her music is negligible, but her confidence and charisma are on another planet. While more musically accomplished at this point in his career, Post Malone has a less abrasive but equally captivating personality. Also the beat of “From the D to the A” is so good you could give me gregorian chants over it and I would be happy.

Metro Boomin – “Blue Pill” (feat. Travis Scott)

This song came out late on Sunday and I have only listened one time so I do not have much here. It sounds like a Rodeo style song for this combination.

Gucci Mane – Curve (feat. The Weeknd) (Spotify)

I am not crazy about this song but it features a nice Weeknd verse and got me thinking about two hypotheticals:

1. If the Weeknd and Frank Ocean got in a Meek Mill vs. Drake style rap beef who would win?

2. If the Weeknd and Frank Ocean only rapped, would either of them be a top 10 rapper in the world?

Viktor Vaughn – Notebook 5 (Spotify)

This short, 1:23 long song, is what I needed in my life. A refreshing twist courtesy of DOOM, also known as MF Doom, Madvillain, Viktor Vaughn and briefly King Geedorah. All the alternate personas are variations on Fantastic Four villain, Dr. Doom, and I am yet to figure out the difference between the multiple personalities. The enigmatic rapper is known for using insanely random samples in his beats and this song is no different. “Notebook 5” uses what sounds like a wild west movie’s soundtrack as it’s sample, and is like no other song you will hear this week. If you are interested in more from DOOM, he has released five previous tracks on this project so far, supported by Adult Swim, and is due for two more. Each song on “The Missing Notebook Rhymes” is released on a Thursday so check back in on this link later this week.

Summer Recap:

Here are a few songs that might have been missed from the summer break that deserve a listen.

Jay Z – 4:44

DJ Shadow – Systematic (feat. Nas)

Moses Sumney – Doomed

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