Drink of the Week: A nightcap, so to speak


It’s been a long four weeks for everyone. Classes have started, and none of us have any time to do anything. And that’s just the small stuff. UConn has been hit by so major bad things the past few weeks. We lost 38-18 in football to UVA. Our men’s soccer team appears to be mediocre at best this year. And then of course there’s the whole UConn-State budget situation. Nobody knows exactly what is going to happen, which is kind of terrifying.

And to make matters worse, mid-terms are about to start.

All of this means that none of us have found any time to sleep or unwind. I find myself stressed about every little thing. Hopefully today’s drink will help you get some much needed rest.


1. Everclear or another high (like greater than 100) proof alcohol

2. A shot glass

Put the shot glass on the counter and pour yourself a full shot. Let the alcohol do its job and knock you out finally allowing you to get a full night’s sleep. Repeat as necessary throughout the semester.

Thirsty Thursday is created by of-age students in the Daily Campus Life section. Recommendations can be sent to life@dailycampus.com. We will respond if we are sober.

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