SUBOG Concerts: The backbone to UConn’s musical sweet spot


SUBOG explains the process behind a successful concert. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

It’s 6 p.m. and Hillside Road is flooded with students who are eager for the doors to open to this year’s spring concert.  Security is at the doors of Gampel Pavilion and SUBOG Concerts chair Adam Sherif is running around the arena making sure the last-minute touches are in place for the event to begin. It’s 7 p.m. and Spring Concert 2018 has officially begun for the UConn Huskies… but not for the SUBOG concert committee who has been working for months to make sure this is a night to remember.

6 months until showtime: Sherif gathers his concert committee as they discuss potential artists to book for the spring concert.  His committee of 50 students brainstorm and the decision is limited down to an exciting few that the student body will get to vote on.

1 month until showtime: The wait is over.  UConn Nation has heard news of 2018’s spring concert lineup.  The concert committee builds up momentum to show time, creating a list of show day details and maintaining contact with artists’ managers.

24 hours until showtime: Concert committee members line up outside Gampel awaiting the trucks of stage equipment. Sherif is on the phone with the artists’ managers to make sure their travels went smoothly and that they have safely arrived at their hotel for the night.

12 hours until showtime: It’s 6 a.m. and it’s all hands on deck at Gampel.  UConn’s production team has arrived to set up equipment for the night.

6 hours until showtime: SUBOG members are rushing in and out of Gampel, trying to make it to class on time.  Sherif’s cellphone is going wild with e-mails as SUBOG and the production team are sending him live-updates, assuring him the day is, so far, running smoothly.

3 hours until showtime: UConn Huskies flood Gampel, eagerly waiting for the doors to open.  Sherif is running his final checklist: making sure security is in-place, the box office is open and ready to go and the arena is all set for a wild crowd.

1 hour until showtime: Gampel Pavilion is open and students rush the entrance because Spring Concert 2018 is officially here!  

Showtime: The SUBOG Committees are grinning ear-to-ear and celebrating a successful turnout and a night of chaos coming to a close.

The SUBOG Concerts Committee is “an interactive student-based organization that strives to promote music culture and provide entertainment through the process of planning, promoting and hosting musical events to benefit the UConn community,” per SUBOG Concerts mission statement.

The group is responsible for planning and hosting events, including fall and spring concerts, at the university. They are also introducing new opportunities for students to get exposed to popular and new music, such as “travel trips,” where students can travel to local venues at a reduced cost to listen to both up-and-coming bands or top-charting artists alike, according to Sherif.

SUBOG Concerts’ biggest challenge, according to Sherif, has been the challenge of satisfying every students’ musical interests through the limited number of events that can be hosted during the school year.  However, as a committee chair this year, overcoming this challenge has also been his greatest reward this semester.  

“If we’re considering everyone in the room, we can consider everyone on the campus,” said Sherif.  “In the past three weeks, they’ve given some [really] good ideas and we’ve been able to run with them and I hope they see that the way that I’ve been seeing that.”

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