Commuter Corner: Missing home yet?


(File photo/The Daily Campus)

(File photo/The Daily Campus)

So, you’re a month into college and missing home, or enjoying your freedom, or quite possibly both.  You call home sometimes but are relatively removed from family life. You’ve got your own, small space that you share with someone you kind of know who doesn’t care where you’ve been or where you’re going. I would assume they don’t ask how much you’ve eaten today or what your grades are. They don’t need to know why you never came home that night, and they don’t lecture you about being on your phone too much.

You may be missing home like any good son or daughter would. Maybe this glimpse into my day-to-day will solve that problem.

My mornings start with my dad leaving the house at the crack of dawn (well, 6:00 a.m.), my two younger siblings heading off to catch the bus shortly after that, and my mom starting her obnoxiously loud Volkswagen Beetle just after that. By 7:00 a.m., whether I like it or not, someone in my house has woken me up.

After 7:00 a.m., I have an hour before I have to leave either for class or for my internship, depending on the day of the week. I get my lunch ready and make sure all of my books are in my bag; I scarf down any breakfast I can find, then head out the door.

By the time I get back home, I usually have to go straight to homework. If I talk about how much I have to get done, they tell me “if you just spent less free time with that boy, you’d be less stressed.”

No, Mom, I’m just a stress-er. It’s what I do.

If I happen to vent about just feeling awful that day, the suggestions usually turn into “you need to drink more water/eat more/actually exercise,” which naturally makes me do less of all three.

That’s the thing about my family, they always have their lovely critiques. Oh sorry, I mean suggestions.

But, let me get to the most important thing I come home to: someone actually caring about my how school went or what the internship is like or if I’m feeling sick. I have someone there to talk about problems I’m having or the things that I accomplished that day.  I have someone motivating me to do my best, and to not skip classes, and to get all of my homework done.  

I have a mom who stays home from work just to fight a health insurance company for me. I have a dad who talks business and politics with me, trying to get me to see more than one side of every issue. I have a sister who I wake up in the mornings just because I want help picking out my outfit for the day. I have a brother who annoys the crap out of me (I can’t think of anything good at the moment, he will NOT stop bothering me today).  And I have another sister who was practicing her Dutch braid on me as I was typing this article.

Though being home certainly has its drawbacks, like absolutely no privacy and much less freedom than a college student wants, it also comes with a lot of little blessings. I have people who care about me that I get to see every single day. I may be missing out on the college experience, but overall, I don’t feel like I’m missing much.

Hannah Desrosiers is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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