Cross Country: Rain can’t stop Huskies hustle


Women’s Cross Country in practice. (Charlotte Lao/The Daily Campus)

The team competed well and gave a great effort. It was a strong mixed field and we saw some good results
— Head Coach J.J. Clark

Everything about the Coast to Coast Battle in Beantown on Friday was strange. The race was open, meaning that both men and women could compete in the same race. The weather was a constant stream of rain creating undesirable racetrack conditions. Despite these uncommon circumstances, the Huskies found a way to put forth solid effort and feel good about themselves leaving Boston on Friday.

    “We took a group to Boston that had to compete in tough and rainy conditions,” said head coach J.J. Clark, via UConn Athletics. “The team competed well and gave a great effort. It was a strong mixed field and we saw some good results.”

    As usual, the Huskies finished as a pack. The top five UConn runners all finished within 31 seconds of each other, including four within 15 seconds. In her first race of the season, sophomore runner Susan Aeno led the pack, coming in 96th place. She had a final time of 19:08 while running at a pace of 6:10. Aeno was followed by a glut of her teammates: Junior Talia Staiger, who came in 102nd, freshman Alexandra Alsup (105th), senior Katherine Foley (113th) and sophomore Mackenzie Pias (114th).

    Many of the Huskies’ regulars did not compete in this race for a multitude of different reasons. Runners like Mia Nahom, Brianna O’Brien, Kelsey Swanson and Haley Hasty were among the runners that did not participate in the race on Friday.

    Providing remarkable performances were two more Huskies, senior Alana Pearl and freshman Kateylnn Romanchick. They finished in 138th and 140th respectively. As usual, the Huskies seem to utilize their teammates during the race as the two runners finished seven seconds apart.

    Not to be overlooked were runners Julia Sprout and Morocca Wiley, who competed in a respectable fashion, using each other to push their way to the finish.

    Both the men and women will be seen next Friday, Sept. 29 at the Paul Short Run in Bethlehem, Pa.

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