A not-so sweet goodbye to Sweet Emotions


Sweet Emotions is closing and the photographer who took this photo is very sad. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Where will the student body of UConn go when they need a sugar high to fuel their erratic studying? Where will anybody find a nearby place to sell not just the basics of Wonka candy, but also candy from different countries? (Though Turkish taffy sounds weird, it is also incredibly delicious and addictive). Unfortunately, these questions are going to be left up in the air as Sweet Emotions Candy has left Storrs Center for good.

The closing of this beloved candy shop which, according to reviews online was a “place you want to come back to time and time again,” brings a bitterness into the lives of those who love candy. Sure, one can walk over to CVS and grab a bag of Hershey’s assorted candies or order saltwater taffy off of Amazon, but for those who need sugar to keep them happy throughout the day (let’s face it: classes are hard and candy is sometimes exactly what one needs to remember there is good in the world) these options are subpar at best.

Sweet Emotions was the kind of place one could walk into and it was like being at the candy shop in Willy Wonka, circa 1971. The colors were bright, the candy was abundant, the owner kind and the music joyful. It was the kind of candy shop that transported a person back to a time where online shopping and commercial drugstores had yet to exist.

A worker of Sweet Emotions was kind enough to talk about the decision to close the store.

“The owner recently came to the decision to close,” Nicholas Gandza, who worked at Sweet Emotions for six months, said.

Gandza also mentioned that it was a hard decision for the owner, but overall, they just weren’t as busy anymore. Weekends were their busiest times, but even then there would be hours where the entire store was empty. Those times where they were busy weren’t enough to cover the times when they weren’t, so the owner had to come to the conclusion that it was time to close shop.

There is still hope to get the assorted candy from Sweet Emotions; if you plan to get married, that is. The Sweet Emotions owner intends to continue catering for weddings and special events. Other than that, Sweet Emotions is officially closed for business.

So, to all candy and sweet addicts, you may just have to deal with online orders and drugstore candy for now in order to get your fix. Sweet Emotions Candy is now gone.

Kassidy Manness is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at kassidy.manness@uconn.edu  

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