‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Premiere: A whole new season of family drama


After 10 years of drama, controversy, tears and laughs, the family that invented reality TV has returned for a brand new season. (Screenshot courtesy of  E Online )

After 10 years of drama, controversy, tears and laughs, the family that invented reality TV has returned for a brand new season. (Screenshot courtesy of E Online)

After 10 years of drama, controversy, tears and laughs, the family that invented reality TV has returned for a brand new season. That’s right: “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (KUWTK) is back! As with any season opener, we were caught up (pun intended) with all the sisters’ lives and faced an equal amount of drama and fun. The focal points of the episode revolved around the whole family gathering in Cleveland to visit Khloe’s new home with her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, drama with Caitlyn Jenner and Kendall struggling with the aftermath of her Pepsi commercial.

The Kardashians have been in the news quite a bit lately over speculations that Kim, Khloe and Kylie are all expecting children. The only one to confirm or deny any of these rumors has been Kim, who admitted she is expecting her third child with husband Kanye West via surrogate. There has been no word from Khloe or Kylie, which has made this season premier highly anticipated in hopes of some answers. Unfortunately, neither rumor was confirmed. Kylie did not appear in the episode and though Khloe did discuss pregnancy, she said she doesn’t know when a baby will be in the picture for her.

Season 13 left off on a rather happy note, with the family reminiscing over the year and discussing what they want to see each other accomplish in the next year. There were some loose ends, such as drama with Kris’ ex,Caitlyn Jenner, or Khloe finding out she can have children and contemplating beginning a family with Tristan. Both of these things pick right up in season 14. Khloe is living with Tristan in Cleveland and radiates happiness. The Kardashians continue their drama with Caitlyn and the animosity intensifies.

The main part of the episode revolves around the sisters (and Malika of course) traveling to Cleveland for the first time to visit Khloe and see her home. The sisters have a lot of fun, take lots of selfies and Snapchats, take a tour of the home and visit an indoor amusement park. Viewers were able to get a glimpse of Khloe’s new life and her relationship with Tristan, which seems very happy. Kim and Kourtney, who were skeptical about Khloe spending so much time in Ohio, seemed much more accepting after getting to see some of her life there.

The drama of the episode revolved around two things: Caitlyn and the infamous Pepsi commercial. News came out that Caitlyn underwent gender reassignment surgery, and the family, especially Kris, are hurt that they were never told it was happening. The Kardashian clan is also still upset by the “lies” told about them in Caitlyn’s tell-all book. At one point, Khloe says, ‘“I’m not talking to you cause you’re a bad, mean person [referring to Caitlyn],” which isn’t really a proper sentence but she gets her point across. It’s clear the divide between Jenner and the Kardashians has not healed and there is still a lot of hurt and anger among them.

The other dose of drama comes from Kendall addressing her Pepsi commercial, in which she hands a cop a can of Pepsi at a protest. People were very critical of the commercial, deeming it completely out of line. Kendall is pictured to be very hurt and upset, haunted by the commercial and clearly regretful. After finding out about the reactions to it she “completely shut down.” She goes on to have a heart to heart with Kim, who tells her things will get easier.

Highlights of the episode included the sisters meeting a seal named Kim (very cute), the clan playing a “truth or truth” game in Cleveland, which revealed some juicy information and the tour of Khloe’s house.

Overall, the episode was a pretty smooth transition into the new season. There was a good balance of drama and happiness and it was nice to feel connected once again with America’s most famous family. As an avid fan of the Kardashians I’m really excited for this upcoming season. However, I do hope there’s a little more drama than there was in this episode and I hope to see the rest of the family, such as Scott and Kylie, in the following episodes.

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