Dear Daily: A change for the future


This week’s Dear Daily focuses on a student that wants to pursue a career in the concert production agency. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Dear Daily,

I just need advice in what to do about my career plans. I want to get involved in the concert production industry. I’ve never been interested in the corporate job life and just want to get into the live music industry. UConn does not really have a major for music production jobs and they say to network with alumni, which I tried to do on the Alumni Advisor network but none of them had a job in the field I want. I just want to know who I could talk to so I could start this dream of mine (as cliche as it sounds).

Dear reader,

Determining your career is a big deal, and it can be a challenge if UConn doesn’t appear to have the resources you need to figure it out. Luckily, a little bit of searching has allowed me to uncover a few resources that you might find helpful. First off, I’d recommend checking out the student radio station WHUS, if you haven’t already. WHUS spends a lot of time working to bring small and large bands to UConn where they do studio sessions and full concerts. As I’m sure you know, part of that work involves setting things up so they sound good for everyone listening. If you don’t have that kind of experience, it would certainly help things out.

Next, I would recommend calling some of the smaller music venues in the state like College Street Music Hall in New Haven and the Webster Underground in Hartford. They would know who some of the local labels are in the area, and might be able to get you contact information if you pester them enough. They might also allow you to work their smaller shows for practice. Again if you pester them enough.

Your last option is really risky and probably not feasible but it is worth mentioning. Western Connecticut State University has a music production degree. Transferring is most likely not doable, but a call to that department might be helpful in your search and could steer you in the right direction. They would certainly be more helpful than UConn’s career services department.

All the best,

The Daily Campus

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