Thirsty Thursday: Trashy tailgate ‘thing’


Over the past semester, we have presented to you some of our favorite drinks that can class up your next pregame or tailgate. While brainstorming for our next drink, we looked at our assorted bottles of alcohol and thought “what if we put all of this into one drink?” Our goal with this drink was to emulate the trashiest drinks you’ll see at a tailgate. All you have to do is to combine whatever you have lying around, or you can recreate the drink that we affectionately call, the Thirsty Thursday Trashy Tailgate ‘Thing.’


  • 187 ml bottle of Champagne
  • One can of Straw-Ber-Rita
  • Two shots of gin
  • Two shots of vodka
  • Two shots of rum

Pour the entire bottle of Champagne into your favorite tailgate receptacle (we used a boot). Add half the Straw-Ber-Rita and top of with the shots of gin, vodka and rum. Finish it off with some ice. Long story short, this drink was disgusting. It did, however, serve its intended purpose in getting us all fairly intoxicated. The Straw-Ber-Rita did a decent job of masking the hard alcohol, so it didn’t feel like we were drinking as much as we were.

Thirsty Thursday is created by of-age students in the Daily Campus Life section. Recommendations can be sent to We will respond if we are sober.

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