UnoTheActivist ‘shynes’ brighter after release of new album


UnoTheActivist graced his patient fans with his first studio album “Live.Shyne.Die.” on Sept. 26. Ever since its Apple Music release just ten days ago, he has been gaining an even greater deal of notoriety within the urban music world. Artists such as Wiz Khalifa, RichTheKid and Famous Dex displayed their admiration and support in videos circulating on social media in which they are seen commending him and his music. The promotion from senior and new mainstream artists, loyal fans and recent listeners have played a part in encouraging his path to the top.

What sets UnoTheActivist apart from other rappers is his unmatchable versatility. The first song on the album, “Wake Up,” is a smooth, grabbing introduction followed by a plethora of diverse pieces, proving the album to be a multifaceted work of art. In the lyrics, he sends a message of positivity, telling listeners, “Everything, you can achieve/Try it out, you will just see/Live. Breathe. Sleep. Dream.” Paired with these inspirational words is an assorted group of different sounds over a captivating bass, including a cowbell and harmonic beat. His ability to grip ears in his own way is evident in the rest of the project, especially in songs like “Mojo Jojo” and “Go With the Flow.”

Both of these songs have their own special characteristics Uno creatively works with. “Mojo Jojo,” one of the later songs, consists of an edgy autotune over an explosive beat. His confidence in matching these two aspects adds excitement to the song. “Go With The Flow” is on the melodic side, but still provides that modern-genre flare which appears in each song of his. Talking about these examples doesn’t do the album any justice. It has to be listened to in order to comprehend how holistically eclectic it truly is.  

It should be mentioned that on this project, Uno worked with several different producers that are not very well-known. Names such as Peyote, Krookz, Gnealz, Soe95 and more produced various beats for him on the collection. Not only does this help promote them, it shows that Uno has the ability to work with different producers and still create successes this early in the game, which not every artist can do.

“Live.Shyne.Die.” was first announced back in January this year along with a preview by Uno, followed by various rumored release dates. XXL claimed, “Uno’s preparing to drop Live.Shyne.Die., his new mixtape that’s said to be dropping on Jan. 7,” which was proven false as it did not come out for another eight months. Similar instances happened throughout that time, heightening publicity. The gossip around the album only increased, making fans more and more anxious as to when they would finally be able to listen to it. Noticing this, he dropped “Sorry For The Wait,” an electric EP made to appease his fans before the official drop the next month.

Many skeptics have dismissed the idea of a new Atlanta rapper emerging in an already-dense mainstream boasting similar artists like Migos, Lil Yachty, Gucci Mane and Uno’s cousin, Playboi Carti. However, Uno has a particularly individual, unexampled type of sound that thousands have gravitated to and exalted thus far. With features in multiple articles and interviews on large platforms including XXL Magazine, Mass Appeal and No Jumper, curiosity about this rising star has only intensified.

Seemingly overnight, Uno solidly founded his platform in different ways. He is most known for his hit song “What” featuring Playboi Carti and his solo performance at Made In America last year. It’s clear that he knows how to snatch attention with his dynamic energy. Previous to these big events, he had been dedicating himself to his craft on Soundcloud back in 2015 with his first ever uploaded song, “Parking Lot Pimpin’,” which was the starting point of his clout.

Needless to say, the creative production of the songs on “Live.Shyne.Die.” is not a surprise. This type of song-diversification exhibits his gift of rapping with various contrasting flows and beats while dominating them collectively. Some have identified his music as alternative rock, while others have found themselves grasping to define his sound. Within every song he makes, he expands his horizons and shows the world what he is capable of and his determination to continue broadening. He aims to rise higher with his upcoming breakout tour “Hate Me Now, Love Me Later” with artists Warhol.SS and Thouxanbanfauni beginning on Nov. 12.

Uno has a wide range of international supporters, including Chinese fans, who have used his songs for choreographies. His effective use of social media and Soundcloud to brand himself has daily gained him fans who appreciate his divergent, new-fashioned sound. Dedicated to music since high school, Uno is presenting his abilities and aspirations to the music industry, a testament to his own distinctive, engaging style and success at doing so. Judging by the response to all of his works, the future of this young musician is very promising.

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