UConn Cigna Day: Promoting jobs and wellness


A student plays cornhole during UConn Cigna Day hosted by Cigna Health Insurance held Fairfield Way to educate students about health and wellness on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017. (Nicholas Hampton/The Daily Campus)

Along Fairfield Way, Cigna tents were visible Thursday afternoon for Cigna’s UConn Day, promoting the various jobs and internships offered by the company.

Cigna, known to most simply as a health insurance company, spent the day showcasing the benefits of working for the organization.

All of the Cigna employees present at the event were UConn alumni. Some were recent graduates who had previously been interns.

Cigna representative Allison Eastwood said the event is intended “to go beyond recruiting; to showcase what we do and the benefits of working for us.”

The event featured four different activities that incorporated the health and wellness Cigna advocates.

The games included cornhole, jumbo Connect Four, health trivia and one booth that required you to perform a physical activity.

As reward for participation, students received a myriad of small prizes from hand sanitizer to a band aid dispenser featuring the Cigna logo.

Once a participant completed enough activities, he or she received a free Cigna shirt and a chapstick, an incentive for a healthy lifestyle.

“Winter is coming,” Eastwood said. “You need to keep your lips from getting dry.”

While the event may been a recruiting opportunity, Cigna employee Jen Kegerise said, “We are here to showcase health and wellness, right on campus. They say that sitting is the new smoking, and if you do a few sit ups or lunges every hour, it helps.”

Of course, that is not to say Kegerise is suggesting the event was not a networking opportunity as well.

“The underlying message is of course you can work for us too,” Kegerise added.

Eastwood and Kegerise are part of the early career and diversity recruiting team, a facet of Cigna dedicated to recruiting summer interns and offering jobs to potential employees fresh out of college.

Most majors can find a fit at one of Cigna’s many internship programs, Eastwood said.

Journalism or English majors can find a place among the marketing internships, actuarial sciences and finance majors fit well in the finance or sales department, and digital media and design majors can work for the tech department.

Cigna Day highlighted the different career opportunities available to students, including internships in the Leadership Development Program (LDP), which focuses on cultivating future careers in Cigna.

Nicole Gauer, a UConn student and Cigna summer intern participant, has already received an offer for a job upon graduation.

“I interned at Cigna from 2014 to 2015. Summer 2016 I went to another company and didn’t like it as much,” Gauer said, “So I came back to Cigna.”

Cigna’s internships are best-suited for students who are rising sophomores or higher, enjoy working on a variety of projects and have excellent communication skills.

The LDP is geared toward those who have recently graduated or are graduating, have a 3.0 or higher GPA and have strong leadership skills.

Of course, it does not hurt the event’s attendance that Cigna offered plenty of free food during prime lunch hours, including ahi tuna wraps, coffee and fresh fruit salad.

Cigna tried to present itself as a welcoming group of employees seeking ambitious students looking to make a difference.

“If you took a poll of our employees, they would say they feel like they can really help someone by working at Cigna,” Eastwood said.

Abby Brone is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at abigail.brone@uconn.edu.

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