Storrs Stories: A weekly look-back through the DC archives – Oct. 16


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The 1960 edition of the Daily Scampus suggested that UConn’s then President Albert N. Jorgensen wasn’t fit to run for governor. The Daily Scampus is a special edition of the Daily Campus published annually on or around April 1 that pokes at issues and hot topics around campus, all in good fun

“You haven’t got what it takes; you don’t measure up. That B.S. isn’t enough. Considering the way you’re equipped, I guess I’d better run things,” read the Daily Scampus’ front page caption.

The Daily Campus editor at the time was then expelled and university administration took control of funding for student-run media organizations on campus, according to David Millson, a University of Connecticut Bachelor of Fine Arts ‘62.

The expulsion of the editor lead to semester-long protests, which were later referred to as “Students’ Rights Marches,” according to Millson and editions of the Daily Campus published after the Scampus edition.

Headlines in the Daily Campus following the Scampus edition read “Students Should Be Heard,” “Aid Against Expulsion” and “Senate Defeats Motion of Apology After Debating Issue of ‘Scampus.’”

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