The most haunted places in Connecticut


Infamous in Connecticut folklore is the Union Cemetery in Easton, CT, home of the White Lady. (Neil R./Creative Commons)

Infamous in Connecticut folklore is the Union Cemetery in Easton, CT, home of the White Lady. (Neil R./Creative Commons)

Connecticut is often considered the most haunted state in the country and for good reason—over the course of its 300-odd-year history, there have been countless ghastly tales and local legends passed down through generations. In our modern era, we have even seen many of these paranormal locations become the subject of popular Hollywood entertainment—some probably not too far from your hometown.

Declared “the most haunted place in Connecticut” by the famous ghost-hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, Dudleytown in Cornwall, Connecticut was once a quaint village founded by English settlers in the mid-17th century. However, the land they once called home may be eternally damned. The Dudley family ventured across the Atlantic in exile after Edmund Dudley, a nobleman and relative, was beheaded for acts of treason during the reign of King Henry VII. Initially things looked promising for the budding settlement; homes were built, land was farmed and the town grew. But things didn’t stay this way for long; members began dying strange and untimely deaths, crops failed to grow and soon the demise of Dudleytown became inevitable.

Around the turn of the 20th century, the last surviving member was rumored to have committed suicide, leaving the once vibrant village officially abandoned. Since then, people have tried to live on the property, but all have reportedly suffered psychotic breakdowns with multiple claiming to have been tormented by monstrosities living in the woods and general feelings of dread and fear. Today, Dudleytown remains abandoned and all traces of previous civilization have been erased, courtesy of the private owners who deny all paranormal claims and refuse to allow entry onto the property, only adding to the mystery surrounding the area.

Equally infamous in Connecticut folklore is the Union Cemetery in Easton, home of the White Lady. There is some dispute over who the White Lady actually is, but the most popular origin story describes her as a woman who was murdered in the 1940s after she killed her husband. While there are dozens of witnesses of her misty appearance, she was popularized by Ed Warren in a video he took in which you can make out the shape of a tall porcelain figure drifting between headstones. As her name would suggest, she is described as wearing a white dress and having long black hair. Her apparition most often appears in the middle of Route 59, which runs adjacent to the cemetery. Multiple drivers have reported hitting a woman with their car only to get out to check on her and find nothing.

Thanks to the Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures” the Remington Arms Factory in Bridgeport has become one of the most popular haunted sites in the state. Back in 1915, this 73-acre manufacturing complex was the pinnacle of an industrialized economy, employing over 17,000 workers and producing ammunition and weapons by the ton. Of course, like many factories in the Northeast, it was only a matter of time before someone somewhere else could do it better and cheaper, and the plant was closed in 1970. Over the course of its operational years, the factory was the scene of many gruesome industrial accidents. It was far too common for a worker to fall into a vat of molten metal, get decapitated by one of the machines or inadvertently trigger explosive ammunition.

In the episode of “Ghost Adventures” featuring the Remington Arms Factory, they observe the spirits of the workers wandering the dank halls and empty corridors, reluctant to punch out. Many others have also heard unexplained moaning and other cries of pain and despair echoing throughout the building.

While this is only a small sampling of the higher-profile supernatural places in Connecticut, there are hundreds more scattered around the state that are open to the public. If you’re tired of the same trick-or-treating routine, spice things up with a visit to your local haunted attraction if you dare.

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