MLB Column: The managerial merry-go-round


The Boston Red Sox announced Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017, that Alex Cora has been hired to be their new manager. (David J. Phillip, File/AP)

Following every MLB season there’s a managerial shuffle. Some are fired, some don’t have their contracts renewed and some simply face fan criticism saying they should be fired. So far, we’ve seen John Farrell fired from the Red Sox organization. Terry Collins did not have his contract renewed with the Mets organization. Brad Ausmus is out with the Tigers. Pete Mackanin is out with the Phillies. Perhaps the most surprising move of all is Dusty Baker being fired from the Nationals’ organization.

The chance of Joe Girardi being fired after leading his team to game seven of the ALCS is unlikely, but never forget the fan outcry that Girardi should be fired after a few mishaps during the ALDS. There was obvious outcry from Red Sox fans about Farrell. The Tigers have failed to be a good team for a very long time.

As a Mets fan, the Terry Collins thing makes sense. Collins had made it clear for the past two years that he intended for this to be his last season. He was also offered and accepted a front office position. I fully believe if Collins wanted to continue as manager, he would. The problem with the Mets has not been managing. Collins did the best he could with the few resources he had after everyone on his team ended up on the DL or traded. No, the problem with this team was injuries. It has always been injuries. And, finally, the New York Mets fired their athletic trainer (praise be!).

The Red Sox have wasted no time, hiring the Houston Astros’ bench coach Alex Cora to the managerial slot. The Tigers hired former longtime Twins manager Ron Gardenhire who spent the past year in the Diamondbacks organization. The Mets replaced Collins with the Indians’ pitching coach Mickey Callaway.

The Nationals have been a successful team and Dusty Baker has led them to a division series two consecutive seasons. His firing is perhaps due solely to the failure of the team to perform well in their postseason appearances. In any case, it is a bad time for the Nationals to be looking for a new coach. Bryce Harper, Gio Gonzalez and Daniel Murphy have all become free agents after the 2018 season. Plus, it is Mike Rizzo’s last season under contract as the general manager. This is a core group within the organization. If they fail to perform well this season, the success of this Nationals’ team will be all but forgotten (except by Mets fans. I hate you, Daniel Murphy).

In any case, the Nationals and the Phillies are both currently without managers. With the season nearing its end, these teams will have to speed up their search to keep up the pace with the teams currently acclimatizing to their new managers.

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