Commuter Corner: The return of the Red Line


Jonathan The Husky is happy to see the red line is back! (The Daily Campus/stock photo)

Jonathan The Husky is happy to see the red line is back! (The Daily Campus/stock photo)

“ATTENTION BUS RIDERS: Due to popular demand, we will be reintroducing Red Line to our current bus routes!”

The other day I waited around 40 minutes to get on orange line and head to W-Lot.  This is not an article complaining about that at all, because I made a new friend that day because of the wait.  We shared stories about the busing situations and what life is like as a commuter.  Unlike most commuters I come across, he didn’t live just five minutes down the street.  He commutes from about an hour away, so 20 minutes more than my commute. I instantly was in awe.  I hate driving, so anyone that drives an hour to get here and an hour back must be a great person.

One thing he was pretty passionate about was the fact that red line had abandoned us in our time of need.  With all this construction going on, we commuters needed something constant and stable in our lives.  That was what red line was for many of us.  I got where he was coming from, because going into the new school year without it felt strange, like something was missing.  Though I’ve grown to love orange line, it definitely took some adjusting to the new stops and the new scenery.

But, I digress.  A few weeks ago when I first met him and we finally got on the bus, he mentioned how he would love to have that line back.  Well, apparently that was the last straw for UConn, because as the opening line of this article states, red line is back.

That quote was taken directly from their Facebook page,, so no, I’m not pranking you.  This is real.  Commuters, our words have been heard, and our time has come.

Red line is back.

I’m admittedly nervous for what the first day will bring.  Will orange line’s routes switch around, or will I still have that as a back up?  Did it take away from any other lines and make those slower?  Will I be able to find these new red buses on the map?  I can answer that last one:  probably not.  But that’s mainly my data plan’s fault.

Either way, this is big news for all commuters.  If you’re like me, walking is your enemy, so maybe these added stops will help reduce that.  It’s also a shorter ride to W-Lot than blue line, so you’ve got that going for you as well.  

Time is money, as the saying goes, and even if you have a shorter drive than me, I know what it’s like to just want to be home.  No offense UConn, but when my last class is over, I just gotta get away from all the buildings and find my way to my bed.  Hopefully, with red line back up and running, more people will get home faster, which will make many of us very happy commuters.

Hannah Desrosiers is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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