Tips and tricks for shifting your costume to your closet


The author shares tips and tricks on what to do with your Halloween costumes once Halloween is over. (Jenny K./Creative Commons)

The author shares tips and tricks on what to do with your Halloween costumes once Halloween is over. (Jenny K./Creative Commons)

It’s inevitable: that long, depressing sigh that occurs after looking down at your floor cluttered with a jarring array of Halloween clothing (and peeking into your wallet at the empty space that’s been made between the folds). Nov. 1 shouldn’t be the day you realize you’ve wasted an unnecessary sum of money on costumes, instead it should be the day you realize you’ve made some unique contributions to your closet.

Robes: For all those boxers out there, don’t deem your silk robes bed-ware quite yet. By just removing the belt, your robe can be transformed into a boujee kimono or cardigan. Wear it with leggings or a pair of jeans as a quick fix to a bland ensemble. This look of “sleepwear chic” is up-and-coming and will most definitely be a crowd stopper around campus.

Fishnets: For something almost everyone has, it’s a shame they only get to be broken out on “Halloweekend.” Contrary to popular belief, fishnets can be worn by more than just devils or cats. They can be dressed up with a simple shift dress and booties, or dressed down under a pair of distressed jeans with an oversized sweater. When the temperature drops low, there is no such thing as too much hosiery.

Mermaid Crop Tops: If your go-to look this weekend was a mermaid, judging by the embellished, nautical top you most likely sported, you are good with tedious work. In order to make sure those faux pearls, seashells and gems don’t go to waste, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get crafty one more time. With an industrial hole punch, a foot of string and a pair of scissors, you can transform your mermaid decorations into a timeless ocean-inspired necklace.

Body Glitter: Chances are, if your Friday alien costume required large doses of body glitter, blotches of skin still glisten in the sun days later. Sadly, there is no appropriate use for body glitter any day other than Halloween, but there is still no reason to let it go to waste. Thankfully, glitter is necessary for most every artistic project and will not go to waste in your craft compartment.

Band T-shirts: An oversized “ACDC,” “Pink Floyd” or “Led Zepplin” shirt will never go out of style. They can go from day to night with a a pair of jorts to a leather miniskirt. This timeless trend will make its way into almost any look. *DISCLAIMER* for the safety of your reputation, do not wear your classic rock t-shirt without knowing at least five songs and the name of at least two members. There is nothing more socially unacceptable than being a blatant fake fan.

Purge Shirts: Money isn’t the only thing you spent too much of on Halloween, you most likely also spent an excessive amount of time turning a plain white tee into a tattered, blood soaked Purge shirt. Do not let that artistic effort go unnoticed come November. Worn under a denim jacket, or maybe even leather if the setting is right, your spooky shirt can add an edgy and spunky vibe to your everyday wardrobe.

Lillian Whittaker is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at   

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