Town Council Candidate Profile: Ric Hossack


Ric Hossack is a retired nuclear engineer who has lived in Mansfield for 22 years. He is running for election to the Mansfield Town Council for the Republican party.

Hossack said he managed several manufacturing plants and worked on their profit and loss responsibility throughout his professional career.

“I’ve done a lot of work on budgets,” Hossack said. “I’ve made them work under less than ideal conditions.”

Hossack said the main tenets of his platform as a candidate include support of the town’s taxpayers, advocacy for all people in town and fiscal responsibility.  

“My main concern is the taxpayers of town,” Hossack said. “Not the special interests, not the personal agendas, but the taxpayers.”

Hossack said he believes some town ordinances, such as the nuisance and zoning ordinances, are inconvenient for student renters and landlords.

“Our objection is they’re too encumbering,” Hossack said.

Hossack said he hopes voters will differentiate in the upcoming municipal election between the Republican party on the national level and this party on the local level.

“We joke about how ‘evil’ we are, because we’re branded as being the national party,” Hossack said. “We’re concerned about the money, and that translates to taxes. That’s my main concern, the taxes.”

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