Farmhouse Crêpes are not crêppy


The build-your-own option allows you to pick two fruits, one sauce and whipped cream for a sweet crêpe, or one meat, one veggie and one cheese for a savory crêpe. (Schae Beaudoin/The Daily Campus)

There’s a new restaurant in Storrs Center at the University of Connecticut called Farmhouse Crêpes, and it may just be the most unique place on campus.

The little restaurant, which took the place of Think It, Drink It at 1 Royce Circle Lane, Suite 106 in Storrs Center, opened just a few weeks ago on Oct. 16, and has filled a niche that has been missing since Le Petit Marche Café rebranded to Starbucks last year.

However, Farmhouse Crêpes may be an even better restaurant than Le Petit Marche was, as it offers far more variety and uses wholesome ingredients to make sure each crêpe is delicious and nutritious.
The restaurant serves “Early Bird” crêpes for those customers who want to come in and get breakfast, sweet crêpes for the more traditional crêpe fans who want dessert and savory crêpes for those looking for a unique, delicious lunch or dinner. The crêpes range from $4.25 for the most basic, classic crêpe recipe to $11.50 for a “Farmhouse Chicken” crêpe.

Farmhouse Crêpes also offers customers the option to build their own sweet or savory crêpe for $7 or $10.50, respectively. The build-your-own option allows you to pick two fruits, one sauce and whipped cream for a sweet crêpe, or one meat, one veggie and one cheese for a savory crêpe. You can also add extra ingredients for an additional dollar or more, depending on the ingredient.

I tried out one of each type of crêpe and made my own to make sure I got the full Farmhouse Crêpes experience and I was honestly pretty blown away with both the creativity and the flavor that the restaurant manages to pack into each crêpe.

From the “Early Bird” selection, I ate the “Morning Star,” a crêpe consisting of turkey sausage, egg, spinach, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and pan-roasted tomatoes. It was probably my favorite crêpe of the day, thanks to a blend of ingredients that made it taste like a delicious omelet. A delicious omelet with really fresh-tasting veggies. And I’m not kidding either, the fresh ingredients that Farmhouse Crêpes prides itself on were the difference. The “Morning Star” tasted fantastic.

For the sweet crêpe, I ultimately decided on the “Southern Apple Pie.” It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be, only better. Fresh apples, brown sugar and cinnamon highlighted the dish, but it was the texture of the walnuts and the subtle flavor of cheddar cheese that made this particular crêpe so appetizing. It was like I was transported to rural Tennessee for a traditional apple pie in a small diner, but with a crêpe twist. Highly recommend.

There were plenty of savory crêpes to choose from, and some particularly enticing ones at that. After deliberating for a while between a chicken pesto crêpe and a BLT crêpe, I eventually determined I would go with the classic BLT, which came with herb mayo. The herb mayo was a bit overpowering, probably because there was so much mayo in the crêpe, as well as on top, but otherwise the BLT crêpe was a safe choice. The crunch of the bacon and the freshness of the lettuce and tomato surrounded by the warm crêpe shell made for a classic, memorable taste that I will probably come back for.

For my build-your-own crêpe, I went with strawberries, bananas and a rich Nutella sauce, a combination I’ve had at crêpe places before that was just as good, if not better, at Farmhouse Crêpes. The option to make your own crêpe was highly appreciated and something that works well, based on the business model of nearby Blaze Pizza.

I highly recommend having just one, maybe two, crêpes maximum in one sitting so you can fully enjoy each crêpe at its maximum freshness straight off the hot plate. Plus, the prices are on the slightly more expensive side, so having too many might take a pretty big bite out of your bank account. It also helps that the crêpes are actually quite filling, so having more might ruin the experience just a bit. Either way, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be back at Farmhouse Crêpes in the near future, maybe on the way home from a Blaze Pizza run.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Chris Hanna is the associate sports editor  for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at He tweets @realchrishanna.

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