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Christenson said she aims to be a champion for students across academic ability levels. (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Kimberly Christenson is a parent of five children who are currently in the local school system. She is running for election to the Regional Board of Education for the Democratic party.

Christenson said she is seeking election because she hopes to become more involved in the community.

“I have five kids in the system and they are in elementary, middle and high school, so I see (serving on the board) as a long-term goal,” Christenson said. “Because my kids are all different ages, I have a unique opportunity to meet parents in all different age ranges…I just thought I was in an interesting position to hear input from all those parents, both their concerns, what they like about the schools and areas of opportunity for growth or improvement.”

Christenson said she aims to be a champion for students across academic ability levels.

“I really value kids on all levels of education,” Christenson said. “I want to really advocate for the kids that are high needs, our average student, our gifted student, and really see that we can have programs that reach all the students.”

Christenson said a main tenet of her platform is to foster current school programs’ continued growth.

“I think we need to continue getting better, more competitive 21st century skills into the classroom,” Christenson said.

Christenson said she feels the board will navigate potential budget cuts with discretion and diligence.

“I think any cut is going to be hard. No cut would be taken lightly,” Christenson said. “But at the same time (we would want) to maintain the breadth of programming and quality of instruction.”

Christenson said she has campaigned throughout the community, from school events to soccer matches. She said she has also held fundraising parties and gone door-to-door canvassing.

“This election we really need people to come out to vote, so that’s been a big part of the campaigning, encouraging residents that maybe aren’t always as active in the municipal elections to come out and vote,” Christenson said. “There’s a lot of potential movement in the town and I’ve just really been encouraging people to come out and vote.”


  • Parent of five children currently in the local school system
  • Aims to advocate for students across academic ability levels
  • Wants to foster current school programs’ continued growth
  • Encourages residents to vote in this municipal election

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