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Kelly said the town may face obstacles in the future with its predicted decline in student enrollment and funding.

Martha Kelly has been on the Board of Education since 2005. She is running for re-election to the board with the Republican party.

Kelly said she got involved in Mansfield’s K-through-12 school system by volunteering as her children went through it. She said that once they graduated, she wanted to remain involved in the system, so she joined the board.

“It takes parents being involved to make the system a better place,” Kelly said. “I was very involved in the school systems as my children grew up, as well as part of the parents associations at all the Mansfield schools.”

Kelly said the town may face obstacles in the future with its predicted decline in student enrollment and funding.

“We will soon have fewer kids and less money,” Kelly said.

Kelly said she hopes to maintain the programs that are already in place in the schools. She said teachers are receiving more relevant development.

Kelly said the budget cuts which the town now faces could continue into the future. She said she hopes the district can be careful about how it spends its money.

“(The budget cuts) might last a long time, and we will leave it to the superintendent to look through,” Kelly said. “We are trying to do what we can with less money. That might mean we have to stretch guidelines, like class sizes for example.”

Possible upcoming renovations to the district’s schools are causing the board to consider all potential options, according to Kelly.

“Nothing has been decided yet. There are many things we have to consider, like opportunity, cost, staff, population and enrollment,” Kelly said. “We want parents’ and taxpayers’ involvement in the decision.”

Kelly said she encourages voters to participate in this election.

“Come out and vote please,” Kelly said. “Vote for people, not parties, and come to our Board of Education meetings.”


  • Has been on board since 2005
  • Very involved in the school system as her children went through it
  • Said town has predicted lower enrollment and less money in the future
  • Hopes to maintain programs already in place in schools
  • Predicts there won’t be an end to budget cuts anytime soon, town will have to do more with less money
  • Encourages residents to vote, attend board meetings

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