‘Jelena’ is back…kind of


Single cover for “Sad Serenade” by Selena Gomez. (ThisIsJonny/Creative Commons)

There are rumors circulating around the celebrity world that everyone’s favorite ex-Disney Channel star Selena Gomez and “Sorry” singer Justin Bieber are back together. The two have dated on and off in the past, though it seemed they permanently broke up back in 2014. Since then, they’ve had flings with different people. The most recent was Gomez dating Canadian musician The Weeknd, though the two recently broke up after 10 months.

Over the past few weeks, Bieber and Gomez have been spotted spending time together, including Gomez attending Bieber’s hockey match and the two of them going biking together. Now these two things are pretty normal for friends to do, but exes? Maybe not. Also, Selena wore Bieber’s hockey jersey after the match, which is definitely not something friends do. Last Saturday, the two were seen attending church together and then hanging out later.

Sources close to the two have stressed that they are definitely not back together yet, though Bieber is keen on pursuing a relationship. The source stressed that Bieber knows he needs to prove to both Gomez and her family that things will be different this time. Right now the pair is taking things slowly and enjoying each other’s company.

Analysis time. What is actually going on here? When the two of them were on and off again dating they were an almost-star-studded power couple. Both of them rose to fame through a rapid, loyal, millennial fan base and that fan base has been frantically searching for clues that the two are back together.

The breakup in 2014 was bad. It was so bad that it spawned two amazing post-breakup songs about problems with exes. Justin Bieber wrote “Love Yourself” where he bashes an unknown ex for not being liked by his mother and she likes everyone. Bieber has not given a straight answer on who it’s about. While there is a good chance it’s about Selena, the jury is still out.

Gomez in turn wrote “Same Old Love” where she talks about be sick of the same old thing. She said it was about loving your parents and being good to them because it will influence you in the future, but let’s be real—it’s definitely a breakup song.

2014, however, was three years ago and a lot can happen in three years. Chances are, the two will start dating again. It’s too early to call, but based on all the clues there is about a 75 percent chance that the two will end up back together. Hopefully, it will go well this time around. If it doesn’t, at least we will get some fire music out of it.    

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