Thirsty Thursday: Baileys Martini


This week's Thirsty Thursday includes a martini with Smirnoff and Bailey's. (Thirsty Thursday/The Daily Campus)

This week’s Thirsty Thursday includes a martini with Smirnoff and Bailey’s. (Thirsty Thursday/The Daily Campus)

It’s finally formal season here at the University of Connecticut, so we decided to make our take on the martini this week. The martini is pretty much the epitome of class, making it perfect for this time of year. Martinis are classically made with gin, vermouth and olives but we decided to take a different route on a classic with our Baileys Martini. For those who aren’t familiar with the winter favorite, Baileys is a cream liqueur made with Irish whisky. After searching online, we found this recipe on Baileys’ official website. The Baileys Martini is a wonderful welcome to both formal season and the upcoming winter season.


Two ounces of Baileys Irish Cream (Original)

One quarter ounce of vodka

Pour the Baileys and vodka over ice into a shaker and shake well. Pour the drink into a martini glass, but make sure not to pour the ice into the glass. That’s it! This drink is incredibly easy to make, cheap to buy and wonderfully delicious.  

The Baileys Martini is incredibly easy to make and effortlessly combines the class of a martini with the delicious and creamy taste of Baileys. This drink is perfect when the temperature starts to drop and you want to enjoy something festive while still keeping your formal pregame classy.

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