Mansfield Town Councilors for 2017-2019 term sworn in


The Mansfield Town Council meets for their regular meeting on Nov. 13 in the Audrey P. Heck Building. This was the first meeting with the newly elected council members in attendance. Mayor Paul Shapiro made new committee appointments. (Olivia Stenger/The Daily Campus)

At Monday night’s Mansfield Town Council meeting, the first held since the town’s municipal election last week, council members for the 2017-2019 term were sworn in.

The council then elected a mayor. The mayor later appointed council members to committee positions.

Paul M. Shapiro was re-elected as mayor by unanimous decision.

“If I could just take a moment to thank everyone who turned out and voted in the election, everybody who turned out and ran the election and everyone for participating in our democracy in our corner of the world,” Shapiro said. “I really want to thank my family, particularly Annette, for the tolerance and good humor she has shown towards my mid-life entry into this strange world of Mansfield politics.”

Following Shapiro’s re-election as mayor, he announced this will be his final term.

“I am not going to run again, this will be my final term on the Mansfield Town Council,” Shapiro said. “I look forward to having a good two years with every single one of you.”

Shapiro then appointed Antonia Moran deputy mayor before appointing all other council members to committee positions.

William Ryan was appointed chair of the finance committee and will serve with Peter Kochenburger and Charles Ausburger. Moran was appointed chair of the personnel committee and will serve with Terry Berthelot and Caitlin Briody.

Ben Shaiken was appointed chair of the committee on committees and will serve with Berthelot and David Freudmann.

The council appointed the law firm of O’Malley, Deneen, Leary, Messina & Oswecki town attorney.

Ausburger also nominated himself to fill the spot which former council member Virginia Raymond left in the Four Corners Advisory Committee and was elected by unanimous decision.

Late in the meeting, the council unanimously passed a motion to have the town attorney come to the next meeting and provide a written response regarding the definition of fraternal organization and fraternal house.

The next town council meeting will take place on Nov. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Audrey P. Beck Building Council Chamber.

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