Point/Counterpoint: Should Jalen Adams have been suspended?


Jalen Adams attempting a shot in the UConn vs Stonybrook match up on November 14,2017. (Amar Batra/ The Daily Campus)

Last year’s leading scorer for the UConn men’s basketball team was forced to watch the 2017-18 season opener from the bench. Guard Jalen Adams was suspended one game after he left the scene of a scooter crash. The junior was charged with evading responsibility and released on bail.

Daily Campus writers Bryan Lambert and Brandon Carney debate whether or not Adams’ deserved his suspension.

Bryan: What bothers me about Adams’ actions isn’t the crash so much as his decision to just dump scooter. You know who is sick and tired of walking to class in the cold at 8 a.m. and wouldn’t mind a slightly used scooter? This guy. Leaving the scooter at the scene if he wasn’t going to go back for it is just wastefulness of the highest degree.

I’m sure everyone can remember when they were young and they didn’t want to finish their dinner, and Mom would say: “There are kids starving in Africa you know!” Well, Jalen, there are college kids who sure could use a scooter, you know.

Brandon: That’s fair, but is it suspension worthy? College kids do dumb things all the time, and I think what gets lost in this whole story is that he wasn’t even really arrested. He was just summoned, aka not cuffed or anything like that. I just feel that this has been blown out of proportion a bit. I mean, what’s one scooter crash among friends, you know?

I’m glad it was only a one-game suspension, but I really think this could’ve been a “We’ve spoken to Jalen and he understands his actions were irresponsible” kind of situation. Then it’s over and done with. Jalen should’ve been out there to help fight the toothpaste team.

Bryan: But think of the children. How is a mom supposed to explain to her child that his favorite athlete recklessly drives around town on a scooter? Do we even know if he was wearing his helmet? This is an all-around terrible look for the program.

Rules are what keeps society in check. It is what separates us from the animals. It starts as crashing your scooter and leaving it for the police to find. Next thing you know, it’s anarchy in the streets of Storrs and we become UNC, making up fake classes that don’t exist.

Next you’ll be telling me that it’s okay for DI athletes to compete in church-league rec games as well.

Brandon: Woah, woah, woah, let’s not get crazy with the church games. That’s still unforgivable. But what Jalen did was nowhere near as bad as that. UConn needs suspend people who actually deserve it.

For example, the fans who start the “Let’s go UC” chants at games. We’re not UC, that’s Cincinnati. Or better yet, suspend the people who spell UConn as UCONN. For the last time people, UConn is not an acronym.

As for Jalen, leave him alone.

On a real note, if a scooter crash is the worst thing a UConn athlete does all year, we’re in pretty good shape.

Bryan Lambert is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at bryan.lambert@uconn.edu.

Brandon Carney is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at brandon.carney@uconn.edu.  

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