What’s your favorite Spongebob episode?


Schae Beaudoin, Life Editor – F.U.N.

You all know what I’m talking about. F is for friends that do stuff together. U is for you and me. N is for anywhere and anytime at all, down here in the deep blue sea. I had an alarm clock that sang this to me. That’s how ingrained this episode was in my childhood. In the episode, we see Spongebob at his purest when he tried to befriend Plankton after he nearly steals a Krabby Patty. Turns out their potential friendship was all a ruse for Plankton to obtain the Krabby Patty secret formula anyway, but fear not – Plankton fails and essentially ends up becoming Bubble Bass’ snack.

Amar Batra, Super Senior Staff Photographer- Sailor Mouth

Let’s just think about this for a second. Some show writer proposed that they write and air an episode based around swearing, but instead of actually putting in the swearing they use nautical sounds like dolphin noises, foghorns and seal honkings. Like holy *seagull chirp*. That’s a ballsy “foghorn* move. If I was a parent at that time, I would’ve let my kids watch that episode just because it was so *dolphin noise* impressive that some producer actually approved of the *foghorn* episode. While the episode was intended to get kids to learn the dangers of swearing, it definitely did the opposite. This episode certainly convinced young Amar that swearing was an important part of every *seal barking* conversation. Also *foghorn* *seal barking* *seagull chirp* *air horn* *dolphin noise*.

Stephanie Sheehan, Managing Editor – Band Geeks

There is no episode of television more iconic than Band Geeks. When I was a kid, the hot thing before iPods and phones was the Video Now, and one of the discs that came with it was Band Geeks. On road trips or when it was bedtime, I would watch Band Geeks. We all have those memories of watching Band Geeks for the first time– discovering mayonnaise is not an instrument, jamming out to “Sweet Victory” and feeling like you were really there in the Bubble Bowl. You know I’m having a bad week when I don’t say “Whoever’s the owner of the white sedan…. You left your lights on!” at least once. But perhaps the best part of the episode is the pure, euphoric ending. A lot of modern Spongebob focuses too much on torturing Squidward ~just for laughs~ and Band Geeks gave him such a satisfying ending turning a ragtag team of losers into a rocking band. When he jumps for joy in the ending freeze-frame… we are all Squidward.

Molly Stadnicki, Editor in Chief – Wumbo

Spongebob in its entirety is a classic (trust me, I had a really hard time choosing just one iconic episode), but I’m willing to bet that anyone who watched as a kid would immediately know what you’re talking about if you mention “wumbo.” The episode centers around Spongebob and Patrick getting ahold of Mermaid Man’s secret utility belt, which has the ability to shrink anything, but it can’t seem to bring things back to actual size. Patrick says it’s because it’s set to “‘M’ for mini” and needs to be flipped to “‘W’ for wumbo.” Of course, it doesn’t work, but Patrick seemed 1000% confident it would. This episode is the epitome of the familiar “I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-talking-about-but-I’ll-make-it-seem-like-I-do.” How relevant is that?! I dare you to try out some wumbology out in your next class.

Calista Giroux, Campus Correspondent- Chocolate with Nuts

This episode has arguably one of most iconic lines from any Spongebob episode (I say arguably as this show has many great one liners). In this episode, we see Spongebob and Patrick going door to door selling chocolate bars. This does not work initially as they buy products from their customers instead of the other way around, Patrick has a few attempts to “flatter the customer” by telling them he loves them and offering to get naked (to which Spongebob replies that they’ll do that when selling real estate), but they soon learn that making up lies will help them sell the chocolate bars faster. This episode features the crazed man yelling “CHOCOLATE” while chasing Spongebob and Patrick as they go to different houses and, of course, the very old woman saying “Ahh, chocolate. I remember when they first invented chocolate. Sweet, sweet chocolate… I always hated it!”

Melissa Scrivani, Staff Writer – The Camping Episode

This episode is one of my favorites because it is absolutely hilarious and also because it really shows the love/hate dynamic between Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward. The episode begins with Squidward looking forward to some peace and quiet, only to be interrupted by Spongebob and Patrick camping in front of Spongebob’s house. Naturally, Squidward goes outside to yell at them and eventually ends up deciding to camp out too, just to prove he can do it. He ends up attracting the mythical “sea bear” and gets mauled several times. The best parts of the episode would have to be the iconic “Campfire Song Song” and all the ridiculous things Squidward does to try and prove the sea bear is fake. Nothing reminds me of my childhood quite like trying to spell “campfire” as fast as I could to keep up with Spongebob in the song.

Jon Sammis, Staff Photographer – Krabby Patty Training Video

The training video has got to be my favorite of all time. We see Spongebob get his (somewhat soul crushing) job with glee and learns the ins and outs of the Krusty Krab. With the interactive and omniscient narrator guiding us through the underwater burger joint, we get some great acronyms, like that of P.O.O.P. (People Order Our Patties) and the infamous Hoopla kid. And who can forget Spongebob’s enthusiastic response to learning the Krabby Patty Formula? He practically ripped himself in half by shaking his head! (He has a head, right? Where is his neck?) Also, no one can catch Plankton once he shifts into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! In a way, the instructions given through the video lead a comical and quite interesting view on the tyrannical rule of Mr. Krabs’ establishment.

Chris Hanna, Ass. Sports Editor – No Weenies Allowed

Although I am mildly upset that Jon stole my favorite episode despite the clear dibs, Spongebob has had plenty of fantastic episodes and No Weenies Allowed is an all-timer. Spongebob tries to join Sandy Cheeks at the Salty Spitoon, the toughest club in town, but can’t prove to the bouncer, Reg, that he is tough enough for entry, instead getting directed to Weenie Hut Jr. Several fish go by and prove their own toughness. One of these fish is so tough he rips off the Reg’s “mom” tattoo and turns it upside down to say “wow” instead. Eventually, Spongebob enlists Patrick to help him look tough and letting him win in a fight, which he does without even touching him, because Patrick just beats himself up. Reg is so amazed that he lets Spongebob in, but Spongebob slips on an ice cube and is sent to Bikini Bottom General Hospital. There, Spongebob refers to his injuries as boo-boos, so the doctor suggests he go to Weenie Hut General instead.

Marlese Lessing, News Editor – Graveyard Shift

This episode has it all. Mr. Krab’s greediness (“The Krusty Krab is now open 24 hours a day!”) Spongebob’s reckless enthusiasm (“I’m mopping the ceiling… at night!) Squidward’s pessimism (“Who wants a Krabby Patty at three in the morning?!”) and even Patrick’s idiosyncrasies (“Oh boy, 3 a.m.”)  It’s also one of the creepiest, most quotable episodes in the entire show. I think every kid was probably creeped out as the mysterious, menacing Hash-Slinging Slasher approached… The phone ringing, the lights flicking on and off, the walls oozing green slime…

Oh wait. They always do that.

Even with the light-hearted ending, the creepy ending shot of a grinning Nosferatu always gave me the chills.

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