Ten campus winter closet must-haves


These ten winter must-haves will get you through a cold Storrs winter. (Emily May/Flickr, Creative Commons)

This semester, winter is fast approaching and with it, all the fashion must-haves of the season. Every year, there are new seasonal fashion experiments and trends, but the items on this list still haven’t gone out of style. These are the pieces that are worn to lectures, meetings, hangouts with friends and much more. These pieces offer warmth and comfort for the holiday season while still staying in style. All of them can be worn by any gender so it’s a win for everyone.

Army green anorak coat – These coats are everywhere and are so versatile. The army green anorak trend from last year got a makeover and became a coat and a winter essential. The best part about these jackets is that while they are the same style, you will have a hard time finding any two that look exactly alike. Who knew there were so many different shades of olive?

Duck boots – These boots are never going away and we’ve all accepted that. You can get them from L.L. Bean, Sperry, Tommy Hilfiger or Macy’s. Either way these boots prove their worth with their ability to withstand the rain and snow while looking cute paired with warm socks.

Scarves – Last year it was the infinity scarf, this year it’s blanket scarves. To be more specific, plaid blanket scarves. They’re humongous and cover most of your body which really comes in handy when the wind wants to play.

UConn apparel – It’s always nice to rep your school, but it’s made even easier with the number of cute sweats available in the UConn Bookstore. Most days, they are all you feel like wearing.

L.L. Bean rain jacket – This jacket is perfect for those leftover rainy days from fall.

Hunter boots – Hunter boots in all their styles and colors have been at the forefront of UConn fashion for as long as I’ve been visiting the campus. These boots are also a New England fall and winter staple. They come in a range of styles,  from Chelsea to knee-high with more than 10 colors and patterns.

Quilted vest – You can pair them with a long-sleeve tee, a hoodie or a sweatshirt underneath. You really can’t go wrong with these! The most popular colors on campus have been navy blue and grey—Husky Spirit!

Bubble jackets – 90s bubble jackets are making a comeback and the entire campus is here for it! There are so many different colors, shades and variations of the style. The most difficult decision of the semester, aside from finals, is choosing which one to order from H&M.

Fleece sweaters – It’s pretty safe to say that fleece is the material of the season. It’s found on the hoods of anorak coats, the lining of UConn sweatpants and is the most popular sweater material on campus. Whether it’s Patagonia, North Face, Columbia or any other brand, these sweaters are a necessity for winter.

Cable-knit sweater – You can never go wrong with this classic. Cable-knit sweaters keep you warm all day and can be worn however you want: oversized, fitted, off the shoulder, cutout, you name it, the trend probably exists!

Kanthalina Andreus is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at kanthalina.andreus@uconn.edu.

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