Holiday Gift Guide: 10 great gifts for less than $30


The holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means: time to start planning out gifts. This can be incredibly daunting, especially as a college student balling on a budget. Not only are so many gifts super-expensive, but it can be difficult to even figure out what presents you wanna buy. That’s why I have compiled a list of 10 amazing presents that are all under $30. No matter who you’re shopping for, you can find something on this list that they would love!

Gift giving can sometimes be really hard and really expensive. Hopefully this list makes things a little easier. (Jennifer C./Flickr Creative Commons)

1. Anker PowerCore+ Mini

Price: $14.99

Where to find it: Amazon

This portable charger is one of the most useful gifts you could get someone. Everyone knows how it feels to be in public when your phone is about to die and there’s no outlet in sight. Save someone all that stress and buy them this gift: not only does it add more than one charge to a phone, but it’s pocket-sized and can be used to any type of smart phone.Link:

2.  Weekly planner

Price: $7.54

Where to find it: Amazon

Now that a new year and new semester are coming up, what better way to help someone get organized and stay on top of everything than with a brand new planner! This particular planner not only includes a beautiful floral pattern, but there are several inspirational quotes inside to help keep motivation up.

3.  Yes To mad for masks kit (face masks)

Price: $9.99

Where to find it: Target

Once the holidays come around many different gift sets become available, and beauty gift sets like this one can always be a really exciting present to receive, and an easy one to buy. Let someone special in your life pamper themselves with this set of five face masks that come in different flavors: primrose oil, grapefruit, coconut, cucumbers and charcoal.

4. iPhone 7 audio and charge adaptor

Price: $15.99

Where to find it: Amazon

Anyone who has an iPhone 7 or above knows the struggle of not being able to use their headphones while charging their phone. Help someone out and buy them a handy adapter that lets them do both at once again!

5. Just Relax Gift Set: Stress Relief body wash and lotion

Price: $21.50

Where to find it: Bath and Body Works

The time around the holidays can be really stressful, especially for college students as they take their finals. Help someone unwind and relax with this body wash and lotion set from Bath and Body Works. It’s eucalyptus and spearmint scented: eucalyptus clears the mind while spearmint soothes and uplifts.

6. Flannel blanket scarf

Price: $22.99

Where to find it: Old Navy

What better gift to give than one that will help keep someone warm during the chilliest time of year: a blanket scarf. Not only is it super cozy, but it is also in style and very popular right now. Old Navy has a selection of 10 different patterns, so there is definitely one for everyone.

7. “Who’s Most Likely To” party game

Price: $15.99

Where to find it: Target

If you’re looking for a more unique gift, this party game has got you covered. Each round a card is drawn and the group decides who in the group “Would be most likely to” based on whatever the card says, with superlatives such as “Goes missing within 15 minutes of going out.” The person that is voted to be most likely to gets the card, and the first person with seven cards loses.

8. Holiday hot chocolate gift set

Price: $9.99

Where to get it: Target

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Not only is it delicious, but it’s so festive. This sweet treat comes not only with cocoa mix but with marshmallows and peppermint crumbles that can make your hot chocolate even sweeter.

9. DOSS wireless Bluetooth portable speaker

Price: $29.99

Where to find it: Amazon

This gift is perfect for any music lover in your life: it’s wireless, portable and comes with HD sound and bass. It also comes in an array of different colors including blue, black and white.

10. Succulents in geometric pot

Price: $29.99

Where to find it: Harry & David

Succulents are the perfect plant to give someone: they are super easy to take care of, they don’t take up much space and they are very visually pleasing. This particular gift comes with a cute white pot and an array of several different succulents already placed in the pot!

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