A couple of songs for pre-finals week


The latest Gorillaz album has some great songs on it to get anyone through finals week. (Ian Southwell/Flickr Creative Commons)

The latest Gorillaz album has some great songs on it to get anyone through finals week. (Ian Southwell/Flickr Creative Commons)

The Monday before finals week may be the worst Monday of the year. According to a very unreliable website, today is National Sock Day. Who called for this? What a meaningless object to make the main focus of a holiday. Most people are looking forward to the celebration of an ancient Jewish temple being rebuilt or the son of God being born, and I’m supposed to be excited about socks? More importantly, today is the Monday when everyone diagnoses how bad their academic situation has gotten since midterms, ranging anywhere from dumpster fire to “meh.”

Nobody is truly happy on this Monday. If they are, they are probably a masochist so keep an eye out for those people. On top of that realization, there is also no hope for a respite from studying because next weekend is the weekend before finals, and that’s no fun either. So essentially what I am saying to you is keep your head down and get your hard hat on, because there are 12 days of this awful existence until the break. So anyways, here are some songs.


SiR – Something Foreign (feat. ScHoolboy Q), Something New (feat. Etta Bond)

SiR is my speed at this time of year. As I said, we are staring down two full weeks of studying so a new Migos album would feel like a tease. I would be happy but unable to properly appreciate it in all of its glory. SiR’s songs are a late night walk home from a library in the wee hours of the morning.

“Something Foreign” is a chilled out track, with a piano line doing most of the heavy lifting and is probably his best song to date. As long time readers will know and by that I mean as no one knows, I am obsessed with a good brass sample. Give me a trumpet with a drowsy hip hop beat and I am a happy man and that is exactly what is going on with “Something Good.” The smooth voice behind these tracks is the latest TDE signing and, while he may not have the mainstream crossover ability like SZA, SiR is due for a breakout year in 2018. I was a huge fan of his EP last winter and he looks to be keeping that momentum going with what I am calling the “Something” project for now. Already attached as an opening act for a Miguel tour starting in March, SiR has hopefully put a deadline on the release of this project, one everyone should check out.


Gorillaz – Andromeda (feat. DRAM)[DRAM Special]

This is the breeziest song of the year for me. In terms of breeziness, this song is a 12/10, bordering on 13/10. While “Andromeda” was my favorite song from “Humanz,” the latest Gorillaz album, this version is so much better. We lose the “keep it in your heart now lover” line from Albarn which is consigned to a throwaway spot where you can barely hear it, but what we get in return is so much more than that. Most notably, we get a synth solo at the beginning of the song that has put me in a good mood for over two days now. Combine this with DRAM’s uber-positive energy and the results are wonderful. I have been chock full of wonder for the whole weekend because of this song.

Teddy Craven is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at edward.craven_jr@uconn.edu.

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