Letter to the Editor: Really? (A Poem to UConn)


“UConn is a national leader when it comes to marshaling the resources needed to combat sexual violence and help victims.”

A pamphlet and help are two different things.

“They also need to know the university cares more about them than it does about its own image.”

Then why was I told the most important thing was discretion?

“At UConn we feel nothing but heartfelt compassion for every victim of sexual violence”

Why was I told to be grateful that my situation wasn’t worse?

“UConn provides a coordinated, compassionate, trauma-informed response to victims and survivors.”

You convinced me it was my own fault.

“And as educators, we have a solemn responsibility to protect our entire campus community, especially our students. “

Then why does my attacker still live on my floor?

“We will listen to our students, we will counsel them, and we will always be there for them when they need us.”

No one was there to listen to me when I needed it most.

“Not Anymore” “Protect Our Pack”

Everyday. I’ve never felt less safe in my entire life.


Concerned Student

UConn ‘19


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