The news world is not changing for the better


James O'Keefe, of Project Veritas, speaks at on the Southern Methodist University campus in Dallas, Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017. (Jae S. Lee/AP)

James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, speaks at on the Southern Methodist University campus in Dallas, Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017. (Jae S. Lee/AP)

The weirdest bit of news came out of Washington last week. The Washington Post reported on a story where a woman repeatedly approached them, masquerading as a victim of Roy Moore. The woman apparently wanted to try and catch the Washington Post up in some kind of lie and accuse them of creating a bias against Roy Moore. The Post did their job and started to vet the woman’s story.

That’s when things started to get weird. None of the statements that the woman had made about her story were accurate. She hadn’t been in Alabama for the short time she said she was. The company she said she used to work for had no indication that she had ever worked there. The only constant thing was that she wanted to Post to promise her that the story would get Moore removed from the race.

As the story moved farther and farther away from the woman’s story it moved closer to something else: Project Veritas. Project Veritas is a “charity” that seeks to inform the public of wrongdoings and make sure that all facts are openly presented. Seems like a noble cause until you see their coverage. Project Veritas, which translates to Project Truth, spends their time cutting together secretly recorded video clips in an effort to falsely frame journalists.

When the Washington Post discovered the link between the woman and the group they moved to publish their findings. They also discovered that Project Veritas had been trying to infiltrate the Post for a long time.

Project Veritas was already a shady organization before this story came out. The only reactions to what they did should be horror and disgust. Not only did Project Veritas seek to influence the election by discrediting the Post, they were also seeking to discredit all of Moore’s accusers an any person who would come out to say something in the future. There’s no truth here.

There’s been another type of fallout, one that a lot of people have probably ignored, journalists will never really be trusted again. Let’s look at what happened here. Washington Post reporters did their job and were attacked for it. Veritas released one of the standard videos where the make it seem like they were interviewing the Post not the other way around. And this of course is not the only attack. Everyday President Trump deems it fit to attack another news organization be it the New York Times or CNN. There are people out there believing that the lies and attacks are justified.

Following their confrontation with Project Veritas, the Post sent an email around to its journalists requiring them to send all requests for group tours and student advising to the managing editor first.

Reporters can no longer try and help young journalists make it to the newsroom. And why would they want to? Journalists are literally being attacked and tricked for doing their jobs.—@kenvogel

These past few years have seen the media come under increasing and increasing attacks by everyone. With the Project Veritas-Washington Post feud you are literally seeing one news organization being targeted by another “news organization.” What happened to reporting on the facts and questing for truth? If the truth you want isn’t there then you can’t make it up.    

Let me very clear. There is one side attacking the other more. The right has been leading a charge of misinformation on the media for a very long time.

The media and more specifically the news is not the enemy. They only become the enemy when they kept from doing their jobs. It’s time to stop this war on the news or else we are going to end up in a world where we really don’t know who to trust.

Amar Batra is a senior staff photographer and weekly columnist for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email He tweets at @amar_batra19.

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