Ouzts was ‘hilarious’ at SUBOG’s comedy closeout


Leonard Ouzts entertained UConn students at the Student Union Theater on Wednesday during a SUBOG hosted comedy show. Throughout his performance he called out many audience members to ask them questions and playfully make fun of their answers. (Ryan Murace/The Daily Campus)

On Wednesday night, well-known comedian and actor Leonard Ouzts split some sides in the Student Union Theatre as he closed out the Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) Comedy Series for the fall semester. Outzts is known for his work in the television series “Master of None” and “Wild N Out.”

Ouzts repeatedly called out members of the audience for a good punch line.

A couple walked in with roughly 20 minutes left in the show and Ouzts immediately began questioning them. When Ouzts asked if the woman who had entered was the man’s girlfriend the man responded, “Is this part of the show?”

“Yes it is. If you were on time you’d know that I’d asked everyone here a whole bunch of questions,” Ouzts said. “People (who) come in late think they got an attitude, and you can talk to human resources, I don’t give a f*ck.”

“I liked how he called out the audience members. I always think that’s really funny. Like that great section with Erin [the man who walked in late] over there was great,” Katherine Kimberly, a seventh-semester classics and ancient Mediterranean studies major, said.  

Opener Marcus Banks’ performance offered a taste of what Ouzts would expand upon in his performance. He joked about his unfinished college education, relationships, race and drugs.

Despite never having completed their college educations, both Banks and Ouzts understood the basic culture of college life.

Kimberly also enjoyed the topics of their combined routines. Both comedians “talked about things that a lot of people could identify with,” Kimberly said.

Kimberly spoke to both Ouzts and opener Marcus Banks’ performances. “I thought he was hilarious. The opener wasn’t as funny,” Kimberly said. “I didn’t react to his jokes the same way, like I was all-out laughing,” Kimberly said.

One of Banks’ funnier jokes relied on audience participation. Banks looked at what seemed to be a heterosexual couple in the audience and asked them, “How long y’all been together?” Banks then mimicked the man’s deep response as he slouched in his seat. He then directed the couple to kiss after which he said, “You know you just f*cked up your life, right?”

Alyssa Marini, a seventh-semester sociology major, also enjoyed Ouzts’ interactions with the audience.

“It’s good when comedians are engaging with the audience,” Marini said.

SUBOG’s final comedy show of the season was the perfect way to wind down and get in one more entertaining night before finals.

Alex Taylor is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at alexis.taylor@uconn.edu.

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