Senior Column: A long ride at my first media outlet


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When I was a prospective journalism student, I wanted to go to a college where I would have the opportunity to cover Division I athletics. My decision was a made a little easier, as around the same time I got accepted to UConn, the men’s and women’s basketball teams both won national championships.

I got my start with the Daily Campus freshman year when I visited the bomb shelter looking building behind Moe’s with my First Year Experience class.

I remember the first article I wrote for the paper was about “Huskies in the NFL.” I had never written anything like it before and was very nervous about sending it in. Because I was new, I did not think it would get published. It was not until two weeks later that I realized almost all work was published in the paper.

The Daily Campus has played a significant role in my time at UConn. When I arrived in Connecticut from New Jersey, I did not know anyone. Early on, the Sunday night sports meetings became an important part of my week.

While working with the paper, I have had the privilege of covering many varsity teams at UConn including men’s and women’s swimming, men’s tennis, men’s track and field, volleyball, women’s soccer, women’s hockey, men’s soccer, baseball and men’s hockey. In particular, I would like to thank current volleyball head coach Kris Grunwald and former swimming coach Bob Goldberg for teaching me about sports I knew almost nothing about.

Similarly, it was a pleasure covering beats with many of the great people at the DC including Matt Kren, Josh Buser, Connor Donahue, Matt Barresi, Chris Hanna and Stephanie Sheehan.

To Matt Kren, there is no one I would rather unethically root for the volleyball team with.

My time early on at the paper was a little rough, which is why I want to thank my former editors Matt Zampini and Dan Madigan for being patient and helpful with me during that period. The Daily Campus has been an integral part in my growth as a journalist. The experience I have gained through it is priceless.

Last year, I began copyediting at the DC as well. One of the most interesting nights I have had at UConn was copyediting the night of the 2016 election. That night I left the building at two in the morning and got my first real taste of how crazy a newsroom can be.

The Daily Campus is the first media outlet I worked for and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Antonio Salazar is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at

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