‘The Disaster Artist’ is one of James Franco’s best performances


James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist” is one of the funniest films of the year. The film follows the making of Tommy Wiseau’s infamous 2003 film, “The Room.” While “The Room” was originally panned by both critics and audience members alike, it has quickly risen to the status of cult classic. Audience members flock to sold out late night movie screenings in order to watch the wonderful trainwreck that is “The Room.” “The Disaster Artist” is based on the book of the same name by Greg Sestero. The film stars brothers James and Dave Franco, who play Tommy Wiseau and Sestero, respectively. The Franco brothers are joined by notable actors Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Alison Brie. The cast is well rounded and full of talent, only making the film better.

Tommy and Greg are struggling actors who move to Los Angeles together to help their career. When they have some difficulty getting acting gigs, Tommy and Greg decide to write, direct and star in their own movie. The hilarious shenanigans that follow give audience members a glimpse into the wonderful absurdity that was the making of “The Room.”

The best thing about “The Disaster Artist” is without a doubt James Franco’s performance as Tommy Wiseau. He lands the odd accent and awkward acting style of the actor, making for a hilarious performance. Franco’s performance was so on point that the actor seemed more like Tommy Wiseau than James Franco in the film. Dave Franco also puts on a great performance as Greg, keeping the character likable and charismatic throughout the film.

The humor in this film was spot on. “The Disaster Artist” capitalized on the absurdity of the reality of “The Room.” In any film, the jokes would have landed wonderfully and kept the audience laughing for the duration of the film. The film was only improved by the fact that these events happened in real life. To know that the crazy events in “The Disaster Artist” actually happened adds an extra level of hilarity to the film. Tommy and Greg’s lives were so obscene that one could not help but laugh at details in the film.

Aside from the laughs, “The Disaster Artist” gave audience members a chance to connect and relate to the story of Tommy Wiseau. It was hard to not be sympathetic to Tommy’s plight. While audiences might have originally just seen Tommy Wiseau as an odd creep, “The Disaster Artist” offers a unique glimpse into the life of the mythical Wiseau.

Watching the “The Disaster Artist” in conjunction with “The Room” only adds to the experience. Whether you decide to watch “The Room” or “The Disaster Artist” first, both possibilities make for an amazing film watching experience. Watching both films gives audience members an opportunity to grasp why “The Room” ended up the way it did.

If you are looking for a downright hilarious film to watch this winter break, do not be afraid to give James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist” a watch. The movie provides hysterical backstory into “The Room,” and showcases James Franco’s amazing acting ability.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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