Thirsty Thursday: Dirty Snowman


Even though it is only the third day of the semester, it comes as no surprise that the University of Connecticut has already been hit with its first snow shower. For some, yesterday’s snow day called for a trip to the bar while others chose to stay huddled up in their warm rooms. Whether you are looking for a drink to pregame with or something to sip while watching a movie, our Dirty Snowman is the perfect drink for your next snow day.


One quarter cup of chocolate

One cup of hot chocolate

Two ounces of Baileys

One ounce of dark rum

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream

Whipped Cream  

Take a small amount of the chocolate and use a knife to cut it into shavings, just enough to put around the rim of the mug and to be sprinkled on top. Melt the remainder of the chocolate either in the microwave or on the stove top, stirring frequently to ensure that you don’t burn the chocolate. Rim the mug with the melted chocolate and then dip it in the shavings. Pour the hot chocolate into the mug and then add the Baileys and rum. Stir to combine. Gently plop in the vanilla ice cream and top with whipped cream and the extra chocolate shavings.

Despite the drink being full of ice cream and chocolate, it was not too sweet. The Baileys and Rum mix well with the hot chocolate, so the alcohol really adds to the taste of the drink without overpowering it. The whipped cream and the chocolate add a nice touch to the drink as well, adding a richer chocolatey flavor. Not only does our dirty snowman taste good but it looks even better. The chocolate and whipped cream garnish add a fancy touch to a simple drink, making it perfect for your next snow day.

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