Ben Shapiro should run for president in 2020


Ben Shapiro is one of the most impressive political speakers in the United States. If you watch his numerous debates against left-wing opponents, you’d begin to wonder if the guy can even be beaten in an argument. During these debates whether on Fox News, CNN or many others, Shapiro is calm and collected, polite by speaking when necessary, and he always delivers the right words. Such words strike humiliating but factual blows to those arguing against his claims. In response are red-faces and blundering words that are unable to counter his well-supported facts.

Besides debating, Shapiro travels to universities and conferences, making speeches for those who wish to hear his knowledge of law and politics. If you’ve ever seen one of his speeches, you’d believe that the man’s a genius in what he does, and you’d think he could run for president.

And why shouldn’t he?

Ben Shapiro has been in the politics game since 2004, when he released a book called “Brainwashed: How Universities indoctrinate America’s Youth”, a critically acclaimed book at an age of only seventeen years-old. He skipped the third and ninth grades and graduated from Yeshiva University High School at age sixteen.

At age twenty, he graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California in 2004, receiving a bachelor’s degree in political science. Afterwards, he graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School in 2007 and would begin practicing law at Goodwin Procter. Currently, he runs his own law firm and is an editor-in-chief for The Daily Wire, which he founded himself. He’s also currently a columnist for Creators Syndicate and is the cofounder of a media watchdog group known as Truth Revolt.

Any man would want the well-known lawyer Ben Shapiro by their side in a trial. Shapiro’s words are spoken fluidly, and it’s a pleasure to watch him defend his views and his facts. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t run for president. The man has a fervent understanding of the American political system. Being an orthodox Jew, Shapiro would also greatly appeal to the pro-Israel majority amongst Republicans, and his pro-life stance could win him the hearts of evangelicals. With that in mind, his number one notion to “fix your own problems” would win over those who want the government off their backs.

With his debating prowess, he could persuade the majority of Americans with intellect. He could win over Americans who’ve probably never heard of him when he makes his presence on live television against a democratic opponent. With great knowledge of politics and law, wouldn’t it be safe to say he makes an ideal president? Someone who’s excelled in these categories would make one great candidate.

On ‘The Ben Shapiro Show”, a show on The Daily Wire YouTube channel, Shapiro himself discusses the world politics today. He discusses what the president and congress have done well or poorly dealing with national and global issues. Then Shapiro describes what he would do about the country’s issues himself, while hilariously criticizing what government officials, other world leaders, and even celebrities have done wrong as if they were school children.

The man’s a genius in the politics game, and there can be no denying that he’d be old enough to run for president in 2020. Mr. Shapiro, you have my vote, and without a doubt in my mind you have thousands of other votes as well. If the Republican section doesn’t have your name on the ballot, well, perhaps I’m going to have to write it in for you.

Ben Shapiro is coming to UConn January 24 to speak in a 400-person lecture hall. Many anticipate hearing him speak, so make sure to come in early if you’re interested.

Joseph Frare is a contributor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at

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